New Year Brings New Jellycats

The new year is upon us and Jellycat's new stuffed animal collections are here! While it may be dreary and grey outside, the new Jellycat stuffed animals couldn’t be brighter of more colorful. With so many new options to choose from, we thought we’d tell you about some of our fav’s for the start of 2023.

Jellycat Sandy Snail

Calling all things creepy and kooky, slithery and slimy; Jellycat’s has some new fun friends on the way. Joining their three predecessors in the Happy Garden Collection, we have two new bug friends. Niggly Wiggly Ernie Earwig and Niggly Wiggly Woody Woodlouse. Ernie Earwig isn’t creepy at all, in fact, he’s rather sweet. Brown and tan with an adorable stitched smile, he’s sure to make your little insect enthusiast happy. Woody Woodlouse is a cheery chunky little guy that loves to play on the forest floors. Here we sometimes call them “Potato Bugs”, “Pill Bugs”, or “Rolie-Polies”. What do you and your children call them?

Jellycat Niggly Wiggly Earwig and Wood Louse

Also joining the buggy crew are Bluebell Butterfly in her gorgeous periwinkle and soft blue colors and Sandy Snail! This little ball of butter is the tiny ray of sunshine that you need to brighten ups those dreary late winter days. Winston Worm is a bright orange and full of pep! The perfect desk pal to add a little color into your life.

Jellycat Gunner Gecko

Along with the new bug buddies, Jellycat has released some terrific new amphibians and reptiles! Gunner Gecko is the fastest fella around! Scurrying up trees and having a blast with his new pals, Frankie Frilled-Neck Lizard and Syd Salamander. These three amigos are the perfect treat for those kiddos that are interested in science and wildlife.


Everyone here know how much we here at Hazel & Fawn fell in love with Alice Axolotl. Well now she finally has an awesome Axolotl pal. Introducing Andie Axolotl with his sapphire blue coloring, he’s sure to make a splash in your homes and lives.

 Jellycat Andie Axolotl

Topping off the last of the new amphibians, Jellycat has these two cuties! The Crowning Croakers! Two delightful members of high royalty, Crowning Croaker Green or Pink truly rule. Sweet and soft, topped with the tiniest gold crowns.

 Jellycat Crowning Croakers

Jellycat has expanded their Birdlings range with two new feathered friends. We have the beautiful Goldfinch with its vivid yellow and black colors, and the equally stunning Swallow in deep blue, red, and white. These sweet tweets are perfect to add to your ever growing Birdlings collection, or as stand alone avian buddies.

 Jellycat Birdlings Goldfinch and Swallow

Brand new to Jellycat this year are Splooties! Undeniably adorable stuffies that make the perfect snuggle buddies. Splootie Elephant, Puppy, & Hippo are ultra soft, vividly colored stuffed animal friends that provide comfort and companionship to you littles.

 Jellycat Splooties Elephant, Hippo, and Puppy

Just in time for spring, Jellycat has added a new fungi friend in the form of Fun-Guy Bertie! Bright teal and creme, this tiny mushroom man is a treat! Have Bertie join the crew with the other Fun-Guy pals, Robbie and Ozzie, or have him stand alone and be the brightest guy around. Teaching children about local flora and fauna is always fun, but can be made even better with a little help from Bertie.

 Jellycat Fun-Guy Ozzie and Bertie

Springtime is just around the corner and with spring comes Easter. What does Easter bring, bunnies, bunnies, bunnies! SO many bunnies. Jellycat has delivered. New color variations are available in the Bashful Bunny collection including Tangerine & Sunshine! Vibrant orange and brilliant yellow, fun bright shades to add a pop of color into your lives.


Apart from the Bashful Bunnies, we will also be receiving Bonnie Bunnies! Three ultra adorable creme colored bunnies, each holding a unique object. A carrot, a floral Easter Egg, or a sweet Peony. There’s an option for everyone. Who will you choose?

Jellycat Bonnie Bunnies

Bunnies aren’t for you? No problem, we have new friends of all shapes and sizes joining us from Jellycat in 2023. Blowzy Belle Cat and Blowzy Belle Sheep are two of our new favs. Dreamy eyes and plush fur, these beauties are sure to be the ultimate bedtime buds.

Jellycat Blowzy Belles

Keeping with the theme of springtime, Jellycat is releasing a brand new Dragon to the mix! Introducing Lavender Dragon in sizes Little, Medium, ad Huge! This charming purple dragon is winsome and wonderful. It’s soft lavender fur and sparkly wings and spines are sure to please.

 Jellycat Lavender Dragons 

Canine companions are on their way from Jellycat. Joining the throng of pups this year are Jellycat Betty Corgi, Hector Fox Terrier, and Pippa Black Labrador! You can’t go wrong with mans best friend. These dapper dogs are a great addition to the family as well as an exciting play pal for all of your children’s adventures.

 Jellycat Hector Fox Terrier

Rounding out the new year are Oswald Orangutan, a wise and friendly primate pal. Some tiny new livestock littles, the Amuseabean Highland Cow and Ram. So small and sweet, these round little “beans” will fit in the palm of your hand. Too cute! And last but not least, Cosmo Monster! Joining Jinx, Gibbles, and Zeke; Electric Mint and crazy cool, this monster is anything but frightening.

We hope you enjoy these new Jellycat additions as much as we do. Happy Jellycat New Year from Hazel & Fawn.

Jellycat Oswald Orangutan

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