Collage of Moon Picnic Sustainable Wood Children's Toys

Moon Picnic

Moon Picnic is every parent’s dream child’s toy line: it touts sustainable, safe, and aesthetically pleasing wood toys that will never end up in the bottom of the toy box. Moon Picnic aims to provide fun and educational toys that fit the Montessori method, which is proven to help the development of children of all ages. From wild mushrooms and egg sets to helpful wooden learning tools like calendars and clocks, Moon Picnic has it all. The company creates toys that focus on engagement and imaginative play. Its timeless, classic wooden toys and play sets will be your family's favorites before you know it!

Moon Picnic is a small business based in California, but it ships all over the world. Its goal when designing toys is to come up with magical yet informative toys so that families have the best of the best. Supporting Moon Picnic is a great way to support a small business. Their specially curated collection of wooden toys is perfect for babies, older children, and anyone in between!  

Experience the highest quality, most sought-after wood toys from Moon Picnic, including:

  • Wooden eggs
  • Wooden mushrooms
  • Calendars
  • Bakery play sets
  • Wooden weather station

My Calendar from Moon Picnic

This artfully crafted wooden calendar from Moon Picnic is the perfect way to teach your little one about days, months, and holidays! Made of solid beech wood and non-toxic paints, it’s a learning toy that will last your family a lifetime. This wooden calendar offers removable, numbered day pieces to customize your week. It also includes weather tokens and other special pieces, like mood tokens, to designate different days, helping your child learn all about their schedule.

My Weather Station from Moon Picnic

Help your budding meteorologist explore all kinds of weather with the My Weather Station wooden toy from Moon Picnic! This interactive toy offers tons of moving parts to engage little learners and help them understand various weather concepts. This weather station features gauges for temperature, humidity, cloud cover, and wind, which is perfect for understanding our environment. It’s made of Moon Picnic’s signature non-toxic paint and sustainable beech wood, ensuring that this nature toy is great for Earth and for your little forecaster!

Add sustainable, non-toxic toys and learning tools to your little one’s routine with Moon Picnic products!