Mother Nursing Baby in Sunlit Nursery


At Hazel & Fawn, we believe in helping your new or growing family in every way we can. If you’re a nursing mother, we want to help support your breastfeeding journey so you can bond with your little one with comfort and ease. We’ve carefully selected some of the top nursing aids and accessories on the market so you can be prepared. From Reusable Nursing Pads to Warming Lactation Massagers, we have all the nursing essentials for you and your baby.

Add nursing necessities to your baby registry or stock the nursery before your little one arrives. Choose from a variety of helpful items that are sure to make your breastfeeding experience wonderful. Add a comfy Feeding Support Nursing pillow and beautifully designed Nursing Covers to keep both you and your child happy, healthy, and dry.

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Choose from an array of nursing essentials, including: 

  • Reusable nursing pads
  • Maternity and nursing bras
  • Lactation massagers
  • Nursing pillows
  • Breastfeeding Starter Kit

Breastfeeding Starter Kit

Don’t let the thought of nursing overwhelm you. Instead, trust in the ultimate Breastfeeding Starter Kit from Curve By CacheCoeur. It’s the perfect way to support nursing mothers, with all the essentials in one convenient package. Enjoy the comforts of the Seamless and Padded Maternity and Nursing Bra, designed to provide all-day comfort, dryness, and support. The innovative bamboo fabric provides a luxurious, continuous fit for your changing body. The hypoallergenic design is leakproof and protects you from nipple cracking and chaffing. Free from harsh chemicals, you can rely on the reusable and washable nursing pads, ideal for day and night wear.

Lactation Massagers

Experience the helpfulness of MamaEase massagers made for soothing relief. When breastfeeding calls for a little help, turn to the Lactation Massagers designed to facilitate lymphatic drainage, alleviating discomfort, pain, and engorgement from your milk production. Add the warm vibrations of the Lumama Pro Warming Lactation Massager to provide customizable settings to meet your nursing needs. The waterproof massagers can help prevent mastitis and make your breastfeeding experience a memorable one.

Find all your nursing necessities from the top brands on the market at Hazel & Fawn.