Klean Kanteen

Klean Kanteen

In the early 2000s, finding stainless steel water bottles in the United States was very hard. Most people used plastic bottles because there weren't many steel options. But in 2004, Klean Kanteen changed things by making the first stainless steel bottles without harmful plastics. This was a big moment in changing how we think about eco-friendly water containers.

On their journey as a family and employee-owned company, Klean has maintained its independence. Although turning down investor offers can be tough, they value the freedom to stay true to their goals. This means they can share their profits with people they support and embark on new projects, like creating chip-resistant powder coat finishes.

Leading the Way in Eco-Living

Klean Kanteen took the lead in the movement for eco-friendly living. They created steel bottles that are good for the Earth and practical. This inspired other companies to do the same, reducing our impact on the environment.

The Impressive Features of Klean Water Bottles

These bottles are made to last and easy to use. They're built from strong stainless steel and look good, making them all-around great. Most water canteens are made with cheap, and often fragile metal. Klean bottles are made to last, with a chip resistant Klean coat finish.

No More Leaks

Klean bottles are designed not to leak, so you can take them with you on all your adventures without worrying about making a mess. 

Something for Everyone

Klean Kanteen offers a big range of products for different needs. They have stainless steel containers, cups for kids, coffee mugs, and many types of lids and straws to pick from. From narrow profiles, sippy to sport, classic bottles, and more.

Commitment to the Environment

Caring for the Earth

Klean Kanteen is deeply committed to environmental responsibility. As a major company, they take significant steps to ensure they do not harm the planet. This includes using eco-friendly materials, reducing waste, and minimizing energy use in their operations. They actively seek ways to decrease their environmental impact, making sustainability a core part of their business.

Certified for Low Carbon Footprint

Since 2019, Klean Kanteen has proudly held a certification for having a low carbon footprint. They watch how much carbon they make and work actively to make less.

Honest and Open

Klean Kanteen believes in being clear and responsible in their mission. They share reports available online about their environmental impacts. This report gives you a look at what they're doing to help the Earth in a clear and intentional way.