Spark your little one’s creativity with Djeco toys!

Designed to stimulate the imagination while being educational, these toys will support your little one’s growth and development. These toys encourage your little one to connect to their creative side through art and music, which has been proven to enhance social, emotional, and mental development.

Founded in 1954, Djeco is based in France and is known for designing high-quality, innovative, and beautiful toys. Their vibrant, uniquely designed toys are made with responsibly sourced wood. They also commit to energy efficiency, recyclability, and ethical manufacturing. 

The craftsmanship and detail of these toys is unmatched. With high-quality materials and a dedication to sustainability and education, these toys will last your family a lifetime. 

Explore some of the most exciting toy options from Djeco, including:

  • Animambo musical toys
  • Art toys
  • Board games

Djeco Animambo Children's Musical Toys

This collection includes a range of musical toy instruments designed for children. This collection focuses on introducing little ones to the world of music in a fun and engaging way.

They also promote the development of fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and an early understanding of music and rhythm. 

Chose from our selection of children's instrumental toys:

  • Animambo guitar and Animambo ukulele: These toys feature high-quality steel strings that are tuned just like a real guitar or ukulele. Designed specifically for children while having the best qualities of a full-sized instrument, it’s perfect for little ones who are curious about music.
  • Animambo flute: For little ones interested in wind instruments, this flute will be the perfect gift. It’s designed for little hands while still being able to produce real, beautiful notes. 
  • Animambo bongo and Animambo maraca: These toys focus on fostering a knowledge of rhythm! Both toys are designed for little hands to be able to shake or drum their own unique rhythm, encouraging creativity.
  • Animambo kazoo: This toy is perfect for little ones who want to explore different sounds and how to make them. With a whimsical appearance, this easy-to-approach instrument is a great introduction to music. 

Djeco Art Toys

These toys are a must-have for parents who want to encourage their little one’s artistic side. With vibrant colors, engaging themes, and high-quality materials, these toys will captivate your children and keep them entertained.

Not only will your little ones love these art toys, but they will also develop fine motor skills, enhance their creativity, and become confident in their self-expression.

Chose from our selection of children's art toys:

  • Scratch board kits: These art toys contain a scratching stylus and a specially coated scratchboard. Your child can use the stylus to scratch away at the black layer and reveal vibrant colors. These scratch boards come in many themes with pre-drawn images for your child to trace, helping with their fine motor skills.
  • Watercolor & crayon kit: This kit comes with high-quality paints and crayons, brushes designed to fit little hands, and templates. The materials are non-toxic so they’re safe for your little one. 

Djeco Goard Games

With engaging and visually pleasing designs, these children's board games are designed for families. Colorful illustrations and imaginative themes keep little ones engaged while promoting their cognitive development, social skills, and strategic thinking. The quality craftsmanship and creative gameplay will give your family hours of fun.