Slumberkins Fox Snuggler and book


For parents hoping to raise emotionally intelligent, gentle little ones, Slumberkins is for you. Teach social learning and normalize big feelings with beautiful books and fuzzy stuffed animal friends. The brand prioritizes social emotional development while utilizing products that are accessible to anyone. Teaching your children about feelings has never been easier - or cuter! 

The Slumberkins brand came to fruition after two best friends, a family therapist and a teacher, recognized the lack of resources for parents to help their children learn emotional skills. The two set out to develop a series of books, stuffed animals, snugglers, and more educator products to help facilitate emotional development. Slumberkins wants to normalize emotions and teach children healthy ways to express their feelings.

Discover our favorites from Slumberkins, including:

  • Hammerhead – Conflict Resolution
  • Alpine Yeti Snuggler – Mindfulness
  • Rose Unicorn – Authenticity

Hammerhead Conflict Resolution Book Set

With Slumberkins book sets like “Mad’s Not Bad,” your child can be introduced to complex emotions and how to work through them. This sweet set comes with an adorable Hammerhead shark stuffed animal with a book telling you all about how to work through anger and manage different methods of conflict resolution. It also comes with a card with affirmations, assuring little ones that they are still loved, even through big emotions.

Rose Unicorn Authenticity Book Set

Growing up and exploring the outside world can be daunting for little ones, but with their Rose Unicorn, they can learn to appreciate their own unique attributes and others’ authenticity as they navigate new situations. The fuzzy Rose Unicorn is super soft and comforting, great for scary social situations or working through emotions. This Slumberkins set helps children learn that they are valuable, loved, and amazing just the way they are. 

Give your child the invaluable gift of connection and working through tough emotions with a book set from Slumberkins!