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SABO Concept

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Grapat Nins 12pcs | Hazel & Fawn



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Provide your infant or toddler with an incredible head start with Montessori toys they’ll love and learn from. Encourage your little one to explore from a young age, developing their skills and imagination with leaps and bounds. You may be surprised just how quickly they will grasp key developmental milestones with an array of Montessori toys designed for enriching education and play. From social, emotional, and cognitive growth to physical development, Montessori toys will help your child grow through vital play and exploration.

Studies show babies and toddlers gain independence as they are encouraged to explore their environment with open-ended play. Montessori toys offer an excellent way to provide educational experiences for your infant or toddler to reach their fullest potential. At Hazel & Fawn, you’ll find a wide variety of colorful wooden Montessori toys specifically designed to encourage discovery by stimulating your little one’s senses. Each meticulously crafted wooden toy helps develop your child’s physical, emotional, and cognitive skills as they play, explore, and learn.

Experience the most sought-after Montessori toys, including:

  • Stackers
  • Blocks
  • Food
  • Animals

Montessori Stackers

Montessori stackers are an excellent way to promote child development. These non-toxic stackers offer hours of educational fun. Not only do Montessori toys give young children a way to explore and learn in their own environment, but the natural materials can also lead to tactile learning opportunities encouraging critical thinking, problem-solving, and fine motor coordination as they sort and stack.

Montessori Block Sets

There’s nothing like the simplicity of building blocks. At Hazel & Fawn, we offer a beautifully crafted selection of wooden blocks to support your child’s development. Stimulate their sense of touch and sight as you encourage them to build, sort, stack, and play. From colorful to natural, they’ll love the versatility these blocks offer. 

Foster your child’s imagination and development with wooden Montessori toys.