Collage of Minito & Co Bath Toys, Cups, and Teether Fruit Feeders

Minito & Co

Minito & Co. blends aesthetically pleasing baby gear with quality, functionality, and sustainability. This small business, mom and locally owned and operated in Dallas, TX, designs its own products and carefully curates color selection. Founded in 2021, this brand launches new products regularly.

Their founder believes in offering safe, affordable, and functional baby products. Made with natural silicone, each product is CPSC-certified and free from toxic chemicals. From meal time to bath time, this brand has you covered!

Choose from our selection of Minito & Co. products, including:

  • Teether Fruit Feeders
  • Meow Straw Training Cup
  • Boat Bath Toy Set

Fruit Teether Feeders

This innovative, patent-pending design is all-original. The teething feeders are the first 100% food-grade silicone handle/pouch in the US market.

This feeder promotes self-feeding skills and can be a great tool to introduce your baby to new foods. It's also designed to relieve teething pains and swollen gums. With an easy-to-hold handle, three nipple sizes, and completely chemical-free materials, the Fruit Teether Feeder is a must-have!

Meow Straw Training Cup

Meow Straw Training Cup is the perfect tool to introduce independence to your little one’s mealtime. This silicone training cup is soft and gentle for little mouths, and the double handle makes it easy to hold.

With an adorable cat face on the cup and cute ears on the lid, this training cup makes learning how to drink from a cup a fun experience for your little one!

Boat Bath Toy Set

Bring fun and learning to bathtime with the Boat Bath Toy Set! These pastel boats are stackable and linkable, so your little one will practice fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination while having fun in the bath. These silicone boat toys are lightweight, biodegradable, and durable enough to withstand playtime!