Oli & Carol

Oli & Carol

Oli & Carol prides itself on creating natural, high-quality baby products that are more than just toys. These products, ranging from teethers to rattles to bath time toys, can be used in a variety of ways, support your little one’s development, and are eco-friendly.

Founded by sisters Olimpia and Carolina, this brand has become a worldwide favorite for its dedication to safety, sustainability, and innovative designs. Handmade in Asia with natural rubber, these toys are biodegradable and all-natural. With minimal packaging, every step from production to purchase is eco-friendly!

Your little one’s safety is this brand’s top priority. Because only natural rubber and water-based, non-toxic paints and pigments are used, every toy is 100% safe for your little one. These products are free from BPA, PVC, and other chemicals and pass rigorous testing. When you choose this brand, you’ll feel confident knowing you’re supporting a company dedicated to the well-being of your little one and the planet!

Choose from our selection of Oli & Carol natural rubber toys, including:

  • Teethers
  • Rattles
  • Bath Toys
  • Toys

Oli & Carol Teethers

These rubber teething toys come in a variety of shapes and colors to delight your little one! The pink, strawberry-shaped toy is reminiscent of a classic round teether. You can also choose from a collection of animal-shaped teethers that can double as a toy! Your little one can choose from Gilbert the Rabbit, Ginger Cat, Nelly the Elephant, or Olive the Deer.

Natural teething toys are a great option to relieve your little one’s teething pains. With no toxins, eco-friendly materials, and cute designs, these teethers will delight both you and your little one!


The grape rattle and cauliflower rattle are great options for little ones who love to make some noise! Designed with the help of otorhinolaryngologists, this rattle is filled with upcycled cherry seeds and will make a noise that helps soothe and calm your baby. The outside is made from natural rubber, and the handle is easy for little hands to grab, so it can also double as a teether!


These natural rubber bath toys will bring a whole new level of fun to your little one’s bath time! Choose between Elvis the Duck or the Origami boat and watch your little one’s imagination come to life. If they get teething pains while in the bath, these toys are 100% safe to chew on! And, Oli & Carol donates proceeds from the H2Origami collection to the Oceana Organization, which helps clean oceans around the world.

Oli & Carol Toys

These natural toys will introduce your little ones to a healthy lifestyle! Your little one can choose from Ramona the Radish, Kendall the Kale, or Spot the Mushroom. The vegetable-shaped toys encourage your child to link fond memories with real food. Your kids will be encouraged to form healthy habits in a fun and engaging way!