Toddler Lounging on a Bed with Orange Cloth Diaper Cover

Diaper Shells

Keep your little one comfy and dry with Hazel & Fawn’s adorable selection of diaper shells. Built with high-quality layers for super absorbency and ultra-flexibility, it’s no wonder parents rave about these hybrid cloth diaper options. From keeping your baby healthier to living a more environmentally conscious lifestyle, diaper covers are an incredible option for your little one’s cloth diapering needs.

Diaper shells offer convenience, dependability, and style, from creative and fun designs to solids that match with any tiny wardrobe. Choose from diaper cover options that grow with your little one, offering hook-and-loop and snap closures that grow as they do. The water-resistant designs help save time from accident cleanups, while the Earth-friendly option helps you save money. Your child may experience less diaper rashes while our landfills see less waste!

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You’ll find an amazing selection of diaper shell styles and designs from GroVia, including:

  • Hook & Loop Cloth Diaper Shell
  • Snap Cloth Diaper Shell

Hybrid Snap Cloth Diaper Shell

GroVia’s Hybrid Snap Cloth Diaper Shell makes changes a breeze. With easy-on-and-off snap closures that grow with your little one, you’ll offer your child the perfect fit and ease of mobility without the worry of leaks. The convenient adjustable side tabs, leg gussets, and grow-with-baby snaps offer the perfect solution to saving time, money, and keeping your little one healthier with breathable fabrics that promote necessary air flow to their sensitive skin.

Hook & Loop Cloth Diaper Shell

Designed with the same innovative thinking, the Hook & Loop Cloth Diaper Shells strive to keep your child comfortable and soil-free. The supportive yet flexible design most resembles traditional disposable diapers. With easy-to-use waist flap closures and adjustable rise snaps, you can accommodate your child as they grow and become more mobile. 

Keep your child happier, healthier, and drier in a diaper shell created with their needs in mind.