Tegu Tugboat Travel Pal Children's Magnetic Wooden Block Set blue light dark red



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Introducing Tegu, an heirloom-quality toy brand that will impress your family and last your kids for years to come. Tegu brings Montessori toys to the next level by including magnets, swivels, and other captivating components to wooden blocks and toys. All wood from Tegu is sustainably sourced Honduran hardwood, so you never have to worry about the quality or longevity of these toys. Wooden toys from Tegu will keep your kids engaged and busy, perfect for long car rides or situations that require quiet time.

Tegu was started by two young men who had one goal - to start a business in Honduras that brought positive change to the community and helped consumers all at the same time. The pair was determined to use this business model, combined with their playful nature, to make something truly special, and they did. They did what they thought was impossible and reinvented the building block. Their reinvention process made building blocks even more educational and engaging, impressing parents and children around the world. 

Explore the innovative, sought-after products from Tegu, including:

  • Tegu Travel Pal
  • Tegu Swivel Bug
  • Magnetic building blocks

Tegu Travel Pal 

In this exciting, travel-friendly toy, Tegu takes its innovative, magnetic building blocks and creates different shaped travel pals that your little one can use over and over, whether they are at home or on a trip. These toys come in unique shapes, like a plane or rocket ship, and can be reconfigured to any build your little one can think of. The blocks are magnetic, helping to reduce lost pieces during travel and keeping things nice and tidy. With a Travel Pal from Tegu, car and plane boredom is a thing of the past.

Tegu Swivel Bug

The Tegu Swivel Bug is made for curious, fidgety little hands. This handheld toy features the same sustainable Honduran wood that Tegu is proud to offer. Complemented by magnetic and swivel features, this seemingly simple toy can help introduce your child to more complex ideas, like physics and spatial awareness. Tegu takes great pride in designing toys that parents and children alike love, and the Tegu Swivel Bug is the perfect example.

Explore the magic and wonder of a Tegu toy for your little one today!