Baby Playing Colorful Melody Xylophone

Musical Toys

Introduce your little one to the world of musical toys from the children’s brands you know and love. Pair educational play with impeccable craftsmanship with musical toys carefully curated by Hazel & Fawn. From colorful Clatters to child-sized Banjoleles, your child will enjoy hours of play and exploration. 

Enjoy the benefits your child will experience with the endless joys of musical toys. Enhance their fine and gross motor skills while boosting self-confidence. Help them explore the movements and sounds while improving language skills and encouraging imaginative play.

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Find an array of beautifully crafted musical toys from top brands, including:

  • PlanToys
  • HABA
  • Djeco
  • Coco Village

PlanToys Musical Toys

PlanToys encourages your child’s creativity and exploration through enjoyable, imaginative play. From Kazoos to adorable Animal Whistles, PlanToys offers an array of musical toys beautifully crafted to help your child learn and explore. Create new experiences with your baby or toddler as you make music, encourage movement, and bond with your child. With a colorful selection to choose from, each musical instrument encourages growth and communication. Collect all PlanToys tiny instruments and let your littles make music with their siblings, playmates, and caretakers. 

Djeco Musical Toys

Share the simpler times with your child by adding a colorful collection of musical toys by Djeco. Each artistically designed musical toy encourages your child to learn through expression while expanding developmental skills. Djeco’s bold colors and playful designs promote music and movement you and your little one will cherish together. The passionate children’s brand offers an incredible selection of musical toys for babies, toddlers, and young children. Provide your child the opportunity to make and appreciate music while exploring their talents. You’ll love watching as their face lights up while they work to improve rhythm, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills.

Fill your child’s toybox with the colorfully crafted musical toys from the children’s brands you trust.