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Promote early learning and literacy with our collection of children’s books! At Hazel & Fawn, we have everything from board books for babies to children’s fairytales and reimagined classics. Mix educational reading with vibrant illustrations and fun stories!

Reading with our children encourages early literacy skills and prepares them for school. Children learn how to listen, read, and understand stories. They also develop skills like empathy and communication.

Consider a fun and educational book to spark your child's learning! Pick from alphabet books, books about emotion, children's classic books, and more. Keep reading to hear more about our top brands, or shop now!

Gibbs Smith Books

Gibbs Smith makes quality books for toddlers and babies. You’ll find original, adorable stories like “If You Were Spaghetti: A Silly Book of Fun Love Yous.” For younger kiddos, consider alphabet books like “L is for Love” or “C is for Camping!”

The Baby Lit board books make classics fun for the youngest readers! From “The Odyssey” to “Pride and Prejudice,” Baby Lit books take your favorite literary tales and put a fun spin on them. Vibrant colors and adorable illustrations catch children’s attention while the story inside keeps them hooked!

Jellycat Books

Jellycat doesn’t just make adorable stuffed animals. The brand you know and love also makes story and board books featuring your child’s favorite stuffed animals. Pair books like "A Monster Called Pip" or "A Tale of Two Friends" with a matching stuffed animal.

The most popular choices for babies are the Jellycat books “If I Were…” collection. These stories combine reading with sensory activities. Feel soft puppy fur, silky rabbit ears, or a curly pig's tail while reading!


Slumberkins books with stuffed animals teach children how to identify and manage their emotions. You can choose from stories about getting through tough times, coping with anger, and more.

After reading, your little one can snuggle up or play with the character from their book. These stories come with a cute plushie for your child that gives them emotional comfort, even when the storybook's closed.