Overhead View of Collection of Mushie Toys, Blankets, and Tableware


Creating the necessities little ones and parents need is what Mushie strives to achieve. By prioritizing the needs of your family, Mushie brings safe, functional, high-quality products to your home. Experience peace of mind throughout all the precious early stages of your baby's life with the brand’s entire line, created with beauty and passion. 

At Hazel & Fawn, we stand behind Mushie’s belief in the importance of creating non-toxic products that are durable, educational, gentle, and safe. Mushie's products are thoughtfully designed, backed by a belief in putting your family's well-being first. The well-loved brand designs with food-grade silicone and organic cotton while choosing to work exclusively with fair trade suppliers. On a mission to evoke calm in parenting, the soothing aesthetics and array of gentle products make Mushie an essential household brand.

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Find the Mushie essentials you and your baby need, including:

  • Crib sheets
  • Teethers
  • Swaddle blankets
  • Dinnerware
  • Lovies

Mushie Crib Sheets 

Lay your little one on ultra-soft crib sheets that are made to comfort babies with the most delicate skin. Mushie Crib Sheets cater to mini and full-size crib mattresses, meeting every family’s needs. Wrap your child’s mattress in any of Mushie’s beautifully designed sheets, adding modern style, warmth, and comfort to your nursery. Made with organic muslin, Mushie brings you a lightweight, breathable sheet that will help your baby sleep in optimal comfort.


Teething has never been so stylish! Enjoy an incredible selection of teethers and accessories, from gorgeous tones to an array of shapes and styles. Mushie’s Teether Bracelets soothe your child’s gums in an assortment of whimsical designs and lovely colors, while teething balls and rainbows offer plenty of options for your little one. 

Mushie cares about your family, offering designs that meet your needs. Find your ideal essentials with the modern children’s products by Mushie.