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Experience the luxury of organic clothing and nursery essentials with Quincy Mae! With beautiful, minimalist designs and soothing color palettes, your little one’s everyday basics have endless pairing combinations. From bonnets to rompers, this mix-and-matchable collection offers a variety of irresistible options. 

Founded in 2016 and based in California, this brand prides itself on its simple and timeless designs made with high-quality organic materials. This brand is committed to sustainability while creating products that are practical for parents and comfortable for babies. These ethical baby and toddler products will bring joy and comfort to you and your little ones.

Chose from our selection of Quincy Mae products, including:

  • Baby and Toddler Clothes
  • Booties, Bonnets, and Bibs
  • Accessories
  • Blankets, Bedding, and Sleep Bags

Quincy Mae Baby and Toddler Clothes

Dress your little ones in the softest and most stylish Quincy Mae baby clothes! The beautiful neutral tones and sweet patterns pair perfectly across styles. This adorable collection will have your little one playing during the day in style and sleeping in comfort at night. 

From Quincy Mae dresses to woven shorts, you and your little ones will enjoy the softest materials in the cutest patterns. Made from certified organic cotton, these clothes are known for their softness, comfort, and breathability. Your little one will be super comfortable in these aesthetically pleasing clothes!

Quincy Mae Booties, Bonnets, and Bibs

For more essentials for your little one, look no further than booties, bonnets, and bibs! These are equally as soft and beautiful as the clothing, and they pair perfectly. Each bonnet comes with straps to keep it secure and, if you don’t like the look, you can opt for a hat instead! The booties have a convenient tie to keep them in place, and the bibs have easy-to-use snap closures and ties.


Spice up your little one’s style with adorable accessories! Designed to compliment the clothing, these accessories will easily fit into your little one’s wardrobe and work with plenty of pieces. Choose from stylish hats, mittens, bows, and socks. Your little one will look super cute while being super comfortable!

Bedding, Blankets, and Sleep Bags

Thoughtfully designed for coordinating with your little one’s wardrobe, this bedding will complement your little one’s style flawlessly. With a variety of blankets and swaddles, your little one will be cozy.

For safe sleeping, the sleep bags have you covered. Made with breathable, soft organic cotton and with a large zipper closure, this sleep bag will keep your little one sleeping comfortably while being convenient for you to use.

Chemical-Free Premium Fabrics

Quincy Mae meticulously selects fabrics that adhere to stringent standards. Each fabric used in Quincy Mae, Quincy Mae, Noralee, or Play garments and accessories must meet the following criteria: sustainably made, ethically made, made of natural fibers, made with natural dyes, free of antimicrobial chemicals, free of formaldehyde, free of pesticides, free of phthalates, free of PFCs, free of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and free of VOCs.

Sustainability Initiatives

Quincy Mae is committed to sustainability beyond its products. All packaging, including polybags and hangtags, is fully recyclable. This dedication stems from a desire to combat the apparel industry's contribution to unnecessary waste accumulation.

Moreover, Quincy Mae's emphasis on sourcing only the finest cotton and materials results in garments and accessories that are not only better washing but also longer-lasting. The brand firmly believes in the ethos that cherished baby garments should be worn, loved, and shared, rather than wastefully discarded. Therefore, Quincy Mae prioritizes producing items of superior quality that endure well beyond the initial wear and tear typical of beloved garments.