Bundle of Dreams
Bundle of Dreams

Bundle of Dreams Crib Mattresses

The Bundle of Dreams brand was created after the founders found out they were goingto have a baby and realized there was a huge void in the baby mattress industry. So they decided to create their own with their daughters health and safety as their top priority.

Thus creating a hypoallergenic, soft yet breathable mattress along with mattressaccessories. The mattress itself is foamless and instead made of a bundle fiber with memory technology, eliminating the chemical smell you get when you buy mattresses made of foam. Another neat feature of the Bundle of Dreams baby mattress is that it has dual firmness: An extra firm side suitable for a newborn and a comfortable plush side made for your growing toddler.

This breathable mattress helps regulate temperature by allowing air to pass through the entire mattress making it 100% breathable! It's not only breathable but hypoallergenic, antibacterial, and antimicrobial.

Along with baby, toddler and big kid mattresses, Bundle of Dreams also offersmattress covers and protective fitted crib sheets. These cribs sheets are made of 100% organic cotton, free of PVC’s, VOC’s, and phthalates.  They are made with a tuck-away zipper for easy removal, eco-friendly, water-repellant and just like the mattresses - they are breathable, hypoallergenic, antibacterial, and antimicrobial!

Sleep is incredibly important to a child's health, and a comfortable sleep surface is just as crucial. Bundle of Dreams knows this very well so parents can trust their babies will sleep soundly on a Bundle of Dreams mattress.