Woman Wearing Baby in Kyte Baby Birch Ring Sling

Baby Wraps

Keep your little one close with the comfort and security of a beautiful baby wrap. Designed to promote closeness while allowing you a bit of hands-free time, our collection of baby wraps is sure to meet your needs. Your little one will feel cozy and safe nestled up against you while you enjoy carrying with ease.

The universal fit of our baby wrap collection allows all caregivers to experience comfort while bonding with their child. From trips to the store to walks in the park, the versatility is limitless. Made with you in mind, baby wraps are designed to provide comfort and support as they keep your little one bundled close while offering parents the ability to manage additional tasks.

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Experience the comfort and ease of baby wraps from brands you love, including:

  • Mushie
  • MOBY
  • Kyte Baby
  • Baby K’tan 

Mushie Baby Wraps

Fall in love with the versatile and stylish design of Mushie baby wraps. Offered in a variety of soothing colors, the organic cotton wrap provides you and your little one with a cool, breathable wear, even while snuggled up close for hours. With a built-in pocket for convenient storage, Mushie has you covered while keeping your baby calm and close. 

MOBY Baby Wraps

Enjoy carrying your child close without the added strain on your neck, shoulders, and back. MOBY’s thoughtful design provides caregivers with a wide, durable fabric design to help support the weight of your baby so you’re just as comfy as they are. While the wrap helps distribute baby’s weight evenly, the ultra-soft and breathable cotton offers versatile, ergonomic positioning for your little one to feel safe and secure up to 35 lbs. Utilize the wrap to carry your child on your hip or perched in front. 

Wrap your little one with love and security when you choose a baby wrap at Hazel & Fawn, made by the brands you trust.