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Little Love Bug Co

Little Love Bug Co prides itself on creating high-quality, minimalistic footwear for kids. Mother Leslie Nelson founded her company when she couldn’t find shoes that fit all of her children’s needs.

By combining the soft-soled moccasin with a non-slip sole, Nelson pioneered a new style of children’s shoe that’s both convenient and supports healthy foot growth. Soft baby shoes help little feet develop properly!

Genuine leather, organic cotton, and a mother’s love makes these the best baby and toddler shoes you'll find!

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Little Love Bug Shoes

You can find any style of shoe you can imagine with this brand! From summery shoes to fall photoshoot-ready boots, your little one will feel stylish while wearing shoes that help their growth. Every item is made with love and designed to be timeless, minimalist, and aesthetically pleasing.


Choose from tights and knee-high socks in a variety of styles to perfectly complement your kiddos’s snazzy shoes! Made with mostly cotton and a bit of polyester/spandex, these socks and tights are stretchy, durable, and warm. Fashion doesn’t stop there, though! Consider picking up a gorgeous hair bow to complete your little one’s look.