Dad Giving Two Kids a Bath in a Flexibath

Bath Toys

Make bath time more enjoyable with the creative bath toys at Hazel & Fawn. Fun and educational, you’ll find an array of eye-catching toys your little ones will love while in the tub. Enjoy colorful, biodegradable, and eco-friendly bath toys meant to encourage imaginative play. Promote hand-eye coordination and cooperative play while making tub time a family-fun time. 

Enjoy the simplicity of bath toys from brands like Plantoys and HABA. Watch your child stack, build, create, and smile with water toys meant to engage and stimulate young minds. Spend time challenging your child with the incredible bath toys we’ve curated and watch them learn and grow, even during their bathtime routine.

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We’re proud to offer your family an incredible selection of water toys from top brands, including:

  • Nahthing Project
  • HABA
  • Quut
  • Plantoys
  • Minito & Co

Quut Bath Toys

Enjoy water toys inspired by the childhood memories of Quut creators. Striving to provide children with sustainable toys that offer challenges and emotional stimulation, Quut believes in making lasting memories with bath toys built for durability while creating smiles. Designing multifunctional toys that last, Quut strives to provide your child with fun yet educational bath toys that keep them engaged.

Nahthing Project

Spark their creativity and love of tub time with the colorful bubble bath made from vibrant plant extracts. These bright organic colors provide safe and gentle bathtime fun for your little ones. With several fun colors to choose from, your child will be filled with excitement as they enjoy their bath toys. It’s even ideal for the most sensitive skin!


Promote imaginative play in the tub with Plantoys’ eco-friendly bath toys with a purpose. Made from all-natural wood and rubber, Plantoys’ bathtub toys are durable and enjoyable for your little ones. On a mission to create sustainable toys for children to enjoy while learning, the brand promotes the belief in playing with a purpose.

Find the perfect bath toys for your child and create a love of water play and learning.