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Kyte Baby

Kyte Baby: Comfortable and Sustainable Baby Sleep Sacks & Pajamas

Kyte Baby blends baby and toddler comfort with sustainable designs. This woman-owned business started with a mother’s unwavering dedication to figure out a comfortable safe sleep solution for her baby.

Her daughter’s eczema resulted in endless nights of sleeplessness and discomfort. Regular cotton pajamas were too hot for her daughter, making her uncomfortable and worsening her symptoms. While researching breathable fabric, the mother discovered bamboo. She created a diverse lineup of products that prioritize comfort, breathability, and sustainability. 

Kyte Baby values the well-being of every family. Kyte Baby makes soft, eco-friendly bamboo baby clothes that are comfortable, luxurious, and ethically responsible. To Kyte Baby, comfort is not just a luxury but a necessity.

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The Benefits of Bamboo: Comfort and Quality 

As an industry leader, Kyte Baby uses 97% bamboo in their fabric, which is 2% higher than standard. Their premium bamboo textiles are the softest you’ll find. 

When compared to cotton, bamboo fabric is more resilient. The stretchiness of bamboo fabric allows Kyte Baby clothes to accommodate your child's growth longer than traditional cotton garments. Bamboo fabric is more durable in general, being less prone to fraying and color loss. It resists mildew and mold and is hypoallergenic. 

Bamboo is temperature-regulating and runs 3 degrees cooler than cotton. It is also naturally moisture-wicking. Kyte Baby clothes are cozy as winter wear and breathable in the summer. No matter the weather, Kyte Baby offers garments that will keep your baby at the perfect temperature. 

Sustainable and Eco-friendly Baby Fashion

Kyte Baby is not only committed to you and your child but also to the environment. Bamboo needs very little water and doesn’t need tractors, fertilizers, or pesticides. No pesticides or fertilizer means Kyte Baby produces organic baby apparel. Bamboo also doesn't require replanting and it grows very fast, which makes it a renewable resource.

Besides choosing an environmentally friendly material, Kyte Baby practices conscious, sustainable production. They repurpose fabric scraps for smaller products or donate them to a local mop company. Bamboo fabric grows with your baby, is comfy in any season, and reduces clothing waste and overproduction.

You will feel confident knowing that you’re dressing your baby in clean, responsibly sourced materials. By choosing Kyte Baby, you'll support a company dedicated to sustainable baby fashion.

Chose from our selection of Kyte Baby products, including:

  • Sleep Sacks 
  • Baby and Toddler Pajamas
  • Baby Accessories 
  • Nursery Accessories and Bedding
  • Bath Accessories

Sleep Sacks

Kyte Baby's Sleep Sacks ensure comfortable sleep for your child. These wearable blankets are breathable, ultra-soft, and will regulate your child's temperature. Each Kyte Baby Sleep Sack comes with a TOG rating, which measures how warm the Sleep Sack will keep your child. Available in a variety of weights, sizes, and colors, Sleep Sacks will keep your child comfortable in style.

Baby and Toddler Pajamas

Kye Baby apparel pairs perfectly with Sleep Sacks. We offer Footies and Rompers with either zippers or snaps, sleeved or sleeveless, and hooded or hoodless. A Kyte Baby Bundler Gown makes diaper changes quick and easy with its snap-release bundle. These bamboo baby and toddler clothes blend comfort and style.

Baby Accessories

Kyte Baby's commitment to comfort and style extends to a range of accessories. We carry Knotted Caps, Bamboo Bibs, Linen Bonnets, and Scratch Mittens that would round out your child’s Kyte Baby wardrobe. The Scratch Mittens protect your child’s delicate skin from their sharp fingernails.

Nursery Accessories and Bedding

Kyte Baby nursery accessories will complete your baby's space. Their nursery accessories, including crib sheets and changing pad covers, seamlessly blend comfort and aesthetics. Each Kyte Baby blanket has a TOG rating just like the Sleep Sacks. The Lovey, a mini-blanket, has a detachable teether to keep your child as occupied as they are comfortable. 

Bath Accessories

We carry Kyte Baby’s Cradle Cap Brush and Natural Sea Sponge. The Cradle Cap Brush features soft, natural goat hair bristles and a bacteria-resistant bamboo handle. The Natural Sea Sponge is toxin-free and contains natural minerals. They are hypoallergenic and resist bacteria, mold, and mildew.