Holztiger Wooden Zoo Animal Set


Enrich your child's imagination with Holztiger wood animal toys! These wooden toys are individually hand-carved in Europe from native German maple and beech wood. The corners are smooth and rounded to ensure safety, and the durable wood withstands rough play.

Each wood-carved animal is hand-painted with non-toxic dyes. They are then sealed with a water-based finish. They resist saliva and water damage, and they're safe to chew!

We offer a curated selection of Holztiger animals to inspire your child's imagination. Experts agree that pretend play is essential to child development. It strengthens their social and emotional, language, and thinking skills.

Children create vivid worlds when provided with the resources and freedom to play imaginatively. Their toys take on a personality, acting out your child's scenes and stories. The carved wooden animals encourage imaginative play and spark endless creativity.

Every child will find an individually handcrafted toy to love. Browse wooden horses to fairy tale creatures, wooden dinosaurs to trees, farm animals to safari critters!

Choose from our collections of Holztiger toys, including:

  • Farm Animals
  • Woodland Animals
  • Safari Animals
  • Dinosaurs
  • Sea Animals
  • Arctic Animals
  • Fairy Tale Creatures
  • Trees and Bushes

Holztiger Wooden Animals

With a wide variety of carved wood animal toys, there's an option for every child's play style. If your child prefers whimsy and fantasy, they can create stories with a Holztiger dinosaur or dragon. A Holztiger horse might fit more practical imaginations.

Each collection offers beautifully painted, quality wood-carved animals that your child will love to bring to life through imaginative play.

Holztiger Wooden Trees and Bushes

In addition to animals, this brand provides scene-setting pieces for your child’s play.

Birds from any collection can perch on the wooden apple tree. A wooden palm tree would set the stage for animals from the safari or sea collection. Create a perfect forest for animals from the woodland collection!

Additional Specifications:

  • These figures are CE-certified and CPSC-compliant. They follow Europe's standards for health, safety, and environmental protection.
  • Hand-made from solid beech and maple wood
  • Finished with non-toxic paints and dyes

Using wooden animals, trees, and bushes, your child can create vibrant worlds and stories with their Holztiger toys.