Set of Wood Toy Animals and Palm Tree

Push & Pull Toys

 Support your little one’s growth and development with push & pull toys! These toys are great for developing both fine and gross motor skills and strengthening muscles in their arms, legs, and torsos. Pushing a toy in front of them or pulling it behind them encourages your toddler to use their muscles, practice walking, and grasp handles and ropes.

Besides physical development, push walkers and pull toys can help little ones learn spatial awareness and coordination. Toys that also include engaging colors, shapes, or counting activities to encourage thinking and imaginative skills.

Check out our collection of push and pull toys, including:

  • Baby walkers
  • Small push or pull toys
  • Puzzle pull toys

Baby Walkers

These walker toys engage your little one’s big muscles and encourage gross motor skills! They also promote coordination and spatial awareness as your little one learns to maneuver around obstacles. For extra developmental benefits, consider one that also encourages creative thinking, like the PlanToys Van Walker or Push-Along Duck!

Small Push & Pull Toys

Smaller options, like handheld cars or animals with wheels, can either be pushed or pulled. This option focuses more on fine motor skills in the hand since your little one has to grasp either a small rope or string to pull or hold the toy to push it. Many of these, like the Bajo Dachshund Pull Toy or PlanToys magnetic Classic Train promote imaginative play and serve more than one purpose in your little one’s toybox!

Puzzle Toys

Pull toys that incorporate puzzles stimulates your little one’s cognitive and physical development at the same time! PlanToy’s Sorting Bus and Bajo’s Sortroller Snail hold wooden blocks in various shapes. Your little one will have to figure out which holes the blocks fit into so they can tote them around!