Hands Holding Up Four Comotomo baby Bottles in Green and Pink


Introducing Comotomo – the innovative baby brand that takes feeding to the next level. These baby bottles are top-of-the-line and combine traditional feeding elements with cutting-edge technology to provide the best of the best for your little one. This baby brand has reimagined the very essence of nurturing care, creating products that delight both parents and little ones alike.

Comotomo is so innovative and original because its founder was a designer in the tech industry. After seeing their colleagues feed babies with traditional bottles, they were left to wonder why so many baby products don’t change with the times and improve for better outcomes. The company changed just about everything about the traditional bottle – the shape, materials, and functions.  Its naturally shaped designed to mimic breastfeeding. Featuring a wide mound that will appease the fussiest of babies.  Though many questioned their methods, Como tomo quickly became one of the best baby bottle brands on the market.

Experience the highest-quality products for your little one from Comotomo, including:

  • Natural Feel Baby Bottles
  • Como tomo Teethers
  • Bottle Bundles

Comotomo Natural Feel Baby Bottles

The Natural Feel Como Tomo bottles are truly innovative and exceptional. They are designed to closely mimic nursing and give that cozy feel of a mother’s touch. With a wide neck and soft, medical-grade silicone body, it’s easy for little ones to hold, and it’s easy for parents to clean! Available in 5oz bottles and 8oz bottles with build in air vents to ensure consistent milk flow.  They also have three nipple flows available including slow, medium, and variable.  You never have to worry about feeding too fast or too slow. These trusty bottles also have two anti-colic vents that will make gassy tummies a thing of the past. Parents everywhere will fall in love with Comotomo baby bottles!

Comotomo Teether

Comotomo continues to make products that delight parents and babies alike. The innovative Teether is the perfect product for that cranky little one who is just beginning to teethe. The design of this Como tomo teether has small, finger-like pieces that mimic baby’s hands to give them the relief they get from chewing on their own fingers. It’s also designed to prevent choking and give your baby something easy to grip. Gone are the days of buying dozens of teethers to see what works – give your baby the relief with the Teether.

Treat yourself and your little one to luxurious, innovative baby products from Comotomo!