Here at Hazel & Fawn we believe in providing parents and children with the finest quality products available. With natural wooden toys, organically sourced clothing, and high quality baby gear, we try to find a little of everything. 

Starting from humble beginnings in early 2006, a living room closet to be exact, Hazel & Fawn wasn't always what it is today. Born from questions asked by mothers like, "Where did you get that baby carrier? What brand is that?" Hazel & Fawn founder, Katie Albritton, decided that there was an untapped, thriving market for baby and parent products in her area and beyond. After a difficult decision to stay in her natural resources career, or leave to start a baby business, she decided that staying closer to home and helping parents find the right products for their families was the choice to make. 

Quickly gaining momentum, the closet space moved into the garage, then finally into it's first brick and mortar store front in Missoula, MT. Centered in downtown Missoula, MT, Hazel & Fawn was officially open! Trying to reach as many parents in need as possible, Hazel & Fawn then launched their website.