Collection of Charming Ouistitine Stuffed Animals on Blanket


Ouistitine is a charming and quaint Montreal company that delicately makes hand-made stuffed animals, dolls, toys, and other accessories. Ouistitine is a shop that strives to offer products that are simple, exquisite, and eco-friendly. Before the birth of her daughter, the founder of Ouistitine, Camille wanted to create a simple stuffed toy with natural elements that enchants the little ones while allowing them to exercise their imagination without being too overwhelming. 

Being environmentally conscious and ethical is ingrained in Ouistitines philosophy. You'll notice they only use raw material that comes from natural fibers and scraps from the fashion industry, which limits fibers of very high quality to be wasted and sent to the landfill. Other than reused leather, fur, linen and cotton, you'll find that Oustitine uses mostly wool for their precious creations! This is because wool has extraordinary qualities! Their wool is pure carded wool from Brunswick. Wool can withstand hours of daily tosses and tumbles from your little one and still keep its timeless shape. And it's easier to clean than you might think! So your Ouistitine friend can join you at meal time without any worry.