Colorful Wooden Bajo Toys in Kid's Room


Bajo takes wooden toys to the next level, providing unmatched quality in its unique, diverse toy collection. Wooden toys are great for all ages and follow the Montessori guidelines that make them engaging and sustainable. These wood toys are crafted in Poland and encourage open-ended play. From cars and buses to puzzles and instruments, Bajo wooden toys will be your family’s favorites for years to come.

Bajo is an inspirational company founded during political and social unrest in a small village in Poland. Their journey started in the 1990s and is still a global brand today. Bajo employs those who find it difficult to compete for work, providing equitable opportunities for Polish citizens. This wooden toy brand aims to create new ways of communication and play with its exciting, whimsical designs. 

Find the most popular and exciting products in the Bajo wooden toys collection, including:

  • Wooden vehicles
  • Wooden puzzles
  • Animal figurines
  • Block sets
  • Educational wooden toys

Bajo Wooden Vehicles

The vehicle collection of Bajo wooden toys is a whimsical wonderland of imaginative play. From fun little toys like their Beatle Car to bigger models like fire engines and buses, Bajo makes the perfect assortment of wooden toy vehicles. Whether your little one is racing their car down a track or flying high in a sleek airplane, Bajo wooden toys will keep them engaged and entertained for hours on end!

Bajo Wooden Animal Figurines

The animal figurine collection of Bajo wooden toys is an enchanting line of playful creatures ranging from jungle animals to barnyard friends. Each Bajo wooden toy is lovingly crafted from sustainably sourced wood and decorated using non-toxic, kid-safe paints. Your little one will be delighted by the intricate details of each animal as they lead a safari through the jungle or stage a daring adventure in the ocean.

Grab an artfully crafted wooden toy from Bajo for the next birthday, baby shower, or just because!