Girl Balancing Grapat Nins and Cups on her Head


Add the colorful, wooden Montessori-style toys of Grapat to your child’s collection and watch them learn, explore, and grow. Encourage your little one to sort, stack, build, and arrange, developing their skills and expanding their imagination. Grapat wooden toys promote learning while helping your child meet essential developmental milestones. Designed to enhance and enrich young minds, these educational toys will provide your child with hours of endless learning through play. At Hazel & Fawn, we offer an incredible selection of colorful wooden manipulatives designed to stimulate all your child’s senses.

Started in 2015 and now in more than 62 countries around the globe, Grapat has continued to stick to its family roots. Created after observing the natural way their kids turned everyday objects into more extraordinary toys, Grapat was born. Meaning “a handful,” the name is quite fitting of the carefully crafted loose pieces that children can manipulate and create with while easily carrying them around by the handful wherever they go.

Choose from our selection of Grapat toys, including: 

  • Cups with Lids
  • Mandala Cones
  • Nins
  • Bowls and Balls
  • Spools Sets

Grapat Spools Set

Encourage your child to explore their creativity with the vividly colored Grapat wooden Spools Set. Promoting fine motor skills through open-ended play, these sustainably sourced wood toys provide priceless educational experiences for your child. Each carefully crafted wooden spool manipulative helps your child develop their physical and cognitive skills while encouraging critical thinking and reasoning while they explore, play, and learn.

Grapat Bowls and Balls

Beautifully rainbow-colored Bowls and Balls offer your child a fun way to build, sort, and manipulate. With 12 bowls and 6 balls to explore, the colorful wooden set supports the development of logical-mathematical thinking skills, helping children match, group, classify, and sort in a variety of intriguing ways.

Fill your little one’s days with the brightly colored manipulative toys from Grapat.