HABA Colorful Alligator Percussion Toy


Fill your child’s playtime with fun and educational toys from HABA. The colorful and simplistic designs of their wooden toys make building enjoyable, while plush toy designs spark imaginative play. Your little one will also enjoy creating and playing with HABA’s tub toys designed to make bath time more enjoyable. Your child will find endless ways to sort, stack, and create with toys designed to stimulate their minds and engage them with challenges.

HABA offers a collection of toys created to take you back to a simpler time while facilitating learning and expanding your child’s imagination. The durable selection of toys offers babies, toddlers, and young children the opportunity to learn and design through exploration. Parents rave about the cheerfully colored collection and love to watch as their child improves hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and creative play.

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Find an incredible selection of HABA toys for your child, including: 

  • Plush food
  • Wooden clutching toys
  • Bath time toys
  • Building blocks

Bath Time Toys

Your child will enjoy tub time as they build their own obstacle course with the Ball Track Bathing Bliss Water Course. The colorful pieces encourage creativity while developing motor skills and fostering reasoning skills. These bathtime favorites attach easily to the tub wall, making it ideal for various ages to rearrange and build on their own. 

Plush Toys 

Stimulate their creative minds with the adorable plush toy collection from HABA. From sushi and pizza to ice cream cones, these family favorites will provide countless hours of play. Enjoy time with your little one as you engage in imaginative play, whipping up meals and desserts for all to share!

At Hazel & Fawn, we strive to provide your family with a collection of engaging and educational toys they’ll love. Fill your child’s toy box and tub with the creative and educational toys from HABA.