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Wooden blocks are a must-have for every toybox! Not only are they fun for your little ones, but they also offer great cognitive and developmental benefits. While playing with toy blocks, your little one will develop fine motor skills, spatial awareness, problem-solving skills, and more!

Block toys are a great option for any kiddo. They follow the Montessori Method for age-appropriate open-ended play that targets specific areas of development. Wooden toys are natural, free from harmful chemicals, and durable to withstand years of play.

Choose from our selection of high-quality, natural wooden block toys, including:

  • Building
  • Number and alphabet
  • Nesting and Stacking

Building Blocks

Wooden building blocks are the ultimate open-ended toy. Your little one can use them to create castles, cities, and forests. They set the stage for your little one’s imaginary adventures! 

Stacking and building with blocks helps your child practice their imagination and creativity. It also promotes the development of fine motor skills, spatial awareness, problem-solving skills, and more.

For classic building block sets, check out Sabo Concept, Uncle Goose, PlanToys, Pinch Toys, and Wooden Story! If you’re looking for a unique set with shapes that will challenge your child’s building skills, try out Raduga Grez and Area Ware! 

Number and Alphabet Blocks

Wooden number blocks and wooden alphabet blocks help your little one become familiar with counting and spelling. They can practice lining the blocks up in order, spelling new words, and more. Through engaging play, they’ll learn to recognize numbers and letters!

Sabo Concept and Uncle Goose make beautiful number and alphabet wood blocks in a variety of designs!

Nesting and Stacking Blocks

Stacking and Nesting blocks are a great tool to help your child learn spatial awareness, balance, and fine motor skills. Your child will have to learn how objects fit together based on size, how to stack, and why their ideas do or don’t work.

For classic stacker toys, like rings and cups, consider Mushie, PlanToys, or Sabo Concept! For a unique flare, Wee Gallery makes adorable nesting animal toys. Sabo Concept, Raduga Grez, and Bajo make shaped nesting toys like rainbows, flames, and more!