Baby Sleeping in Bassinet with Frigg Pacifier


Frigg’s pacifiers are a must-have for any baby. With modern, minimalist designs and muted color palettes, they are the perfect complement to any outfit or look. Frigg’s pacifiers aren’t just stylish; they’re also practical. Made from natural rubber and free of harmful chemicals, the pacifiers are safe for babies to use and easy for parents to clean. Frigg’s brilliance does not stop there – it is also 100% committed to ethical and sustainable practices, ensuring that it cares for its customers and for the planet.

Frigg is a young company that began in 2021, but its design and dreams began long before that. Frigg noticed that the pacifier market was stale, so it set out to create a soothing, stylish option for pacifiers. Frigg features Danish designs that promote a natural, soothing fit and feel for little ones. Frigg pacifiers are made to mimic a mother’s breast, providing ultimate comfort for babies everywhere. 

Find the most popular pacifiers from Frigg, including:

  • Daisy pacifiers
  • Moon phase pacifiers
  • Rope pacifiers
  • Andersen Fairytale pacifiers

Frigg Rope Pacifiers

These stylish rope pacifiers from Frigg do double duty for parents and babies. Not only do they have Frigg’s signature style for the pacifier, but they feature a unique rope design that will stimulate your baby’s senses and provide a more enriching pacifier experience. As a bonus, the rope design also doubles as a teething option; the ridges and texture will feel great on your little one’s sore gums.

Frigg Daisy Pacifiers 

Frigg’s Daisy Pacifiers feature Denmark’s national flower – the beautiful, dainty daisy! The daisy is a Danish favorite and symbolizes purity and innocence, perfect for your sweet, tiny baby. Daisy Pacifiers are perfect for when your baby has the cutest outfit ever but just won’t let go of their pacifier! Made in a variety of pretty colors, the Daisy Pacifier can complement any look and keep your baby stylish and content.

Complete your baby’s look with a stylish, soothing Frigg pacifier!