Baby Crawling on Clementine Blanket


Wrap your little one in beauty and warmth with a stunning blanket from the collection found at Hazel & Fawn. Designed to keep your baby cozy while adding a splash of appeal, these versatile and stylish blankets are essential for your nursery, car, stroller, and diaper bag. From delicate swaddle blankets to stylish knit blankets, you’re sure to find colors and styles that pair perfectly with your baby’s wardrobe, gear, and nursery décor.

Wrap your newborn in swaddle blankets from the finest brands, designed to provide the warmth and security your newborn needs. We’ve curated a selection of premium baby blankets that will help you tuck them in to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

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Find a gorgeous collection of blankets in various solids and patterns from high-quality brands, including:

  • Mushie
  • Mebie Baby
  • Clementine Kids
  • Quincy Mae
  • Kyte Baby

Quincy Mae Blankets

Hug your little one in a dainty patterned swaddle blanket designed to help your baby feel secure. The whimsical designs and color palettes add a wonderful touch as your baby sleeps comfortably. From car seats to stroller rides, Quincy Mae offers the softest organic cotton knit blankets in an assortment of lovely colors. Its lovely knit design will keep your little one warm and snug while adding a modern accent to any nursery décor when not in use.

Mushie Blankets

Add an adorable Mushie blanket to your baby’s list of essentials. The delicate knitted designs are made from highest-quality materials and tested for your baby’s health and safety. Choose from Mushie’s large selection of patterned and textured creations in soft hues that pair well with everything. From honeycomb to playful dots, Mushie’s blankets are ideal for outings or décor. 

Browse through our colorful and stylish collection of the softest blankets on the market. From swaddles to decorative quilts, you’re sure to fill all your blanket needs.