Candylab Wanderer Wooden Toy Car in desert


Candylab, a modern, stylish toy company, dedicates itself to creating wooden toys that inspire creative play in kids around the world. Their signature retro-inspired wooden toy cars are classics with minimalist designs and vibrant colors. 

 This brand prides itself on using natural materials, unique craftsmanship, and accessible products. They employ engineers, designers, and parents who truly care about offering you and your little one the best toys.

Both your little one’s safety and the environment’s well-being are top priorities for this toy brand. They use mostly beechwood and occasionally pine or rubberwood, which are both fast-growing, easily renewable sources of wood. 

With non-toxic, water-based paints and finishes with natural materials, this brand produces toys that are durable and completely safe for your little ones.

Choose from our collection of Candylab wooden toys, including:

  • Retro wooden cars
  • Wooden work trucks
  • Wooden play sets

Candylab Cars 

Childhood nostalgia and sleek design blend seamlessly in this collection of wooden toy vehicles. Taken to the next level with unique builds and paint jobs, these wood toy cars are both a fun and aesthetically pleasing addition to any toy box.

From the speedy Red Racer to the classic Mississippi Mule, these cars are the perfect product to spark your little one’s imagination and creativity!

Wooden Work Trucks

Besides cars, Candylab has a host of work trucks that’ll fit into your little one’s imaginative world. With the same vintage flair, these wooden toy trucks have their own unique spins. You can choose from a classic toy Fire Truck or a wooden Police Cruiser, or pick a quirky Fried Chicken Van! 

Wooden Play Sets

Brings playtime to the next level with a new take on classic play sets, with options like the CandyLab Parking Garage and Malibu Lifeguard Tower. Each play set boasts intricate details and will be a great addition to bring your little one’s imaginative world.

Whether your child is racing wooden cars on their Speedyway Set or serving scrumptious treats at the Donut Shack, they’ll have a blast with their Candylab toys!