Parent Pulling Children in Veer Wagon Stroller


Experience life with your family with the help of Veer’s innovative products created to help you live and explore. With a love for adventures and the outdoors, Veer strives to create boundless opportunities for your little ones to explore and learn while being comfortable and safe. From cityscapes to various landscapes, Veer offers families the resources they need, whether they’re running to the store or hitting the steep trails.

From the rugged outdoors to a stroll around the neighborhood, Veer delivers comfort, safety, and style in all its products. Built to accommodate the whole family and encourage exploration for the kids and the kid inside all of us, Veer makes it almost effortless to enjoy the great outdoors.

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Enjoy innovative products that keep your family on the go, including:

  • Veer Basecamp
  • Sand Mat for Basecamp
  • Cruisers
  • Cruiser accessories

Base Camp and Sand Mat

Enjoy the beach without the worry of bothersome sand. You and your little ones can now play or rest more comfortably with Veer’s Basecamp and Sand Mat for Basecamp. Keep your family cool and protected under the modern design of this roomy, one-step open-and-fold-up tent while leaving sand where it belongs. Veer’s Sand Mat for Basecamp filters sand tracked into your Basecamp, leaving your belongings free from pesky sand.

Both the Basecamp and Sand Mat can be used together or alone. Enjoy picnics or backyard fun with these easy to transport and set up Veer products.


Built for comfort and convenience, the Veer Cruiser gets your family where you want to go, no matter the terrain. The easy to transport, store, and set up Cruiser was created to offer options for any situation. From retractable canopies and nap-time needs to adapters for your infant seats, Veer has thought of everything to help get you there. Stylish and secure, the Cruiser is your new family must-have.

Experience adventures with the innovative designs of Veer at Hazel & Fawn.