Parent Pulling Children in Veer Wagon Stroller


Take your little ones on all your wildest adventures with Veer’s innovative products! From the classic Cruiser Wagon to the Base Camp, with a plethora of accessories for each, Veer has everything you could need. As your family grows, so will your adventures!

Veer prides itself on supporting your little one’s development through exploration. This brand puts parents and families first with the goal of helping you disconnect from an overstructured, overscheduled, and screen-filled lifestyle. These products make it effortless for your family to experience the outdoors, promoting your little one’s innate instinct to explore, imagine, and learn through free play and nature.

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Choose from our selection of Veer products, including:

  • Cruiser Wagon
  • Wagon Accessories
  • Base Camp
  • Camp Accessories

Veer Cruiser Wagon

The Veer Cruiser Wagon is the ultimate wagon for an on-the-go family! With all-terrain suspension, low-friction bearings, and large rear tires, this wagon can take on the toughest terrain while being a smooth ride for your little ones. Veer also made sure it’d be comfortable for you with front swivel wheels, an adjustable handle, and a one-touch brake. It seamlessly fuses the comfort, practicality, and safety features found in contemporary premium strollers with the rugged enjoyment of a wagon, accommodating two passengers. Traverse hills, break through barriers, and redefine family escapades.

Meeting ASTM safety standards with JPMA Certification, this wagon is a safe option for your little ones. Not only is it safe, but it will also be comfortable for your children. This wagon comes with two cup holders and a snack and drink tray. It also has vented passenger seats, a 3-point harness for both seats, and interior pockets. It can also be infant-compatible with the use of a car seat.

The Veer stroller wagon is truly unmatched in quality, safety, and comfort. Pick one up today and get exploring!

Veer Wagon Accessories

Customize your wagon to fit your family’s needs with Veer’s wagon accessories! For sunny days, pick up a retractable canopy or visor attachment. On extra hot days, consider using an attachable misting fan to keep your little ones cool. A weather shield will keep your family on the go even in the rain! 

Veer keeps comfort in mind for more than just the weather, though! Pick up car seat adapters to take your infant on your outings. Elevate your little one’s experience with the Comfort Seats, or make resting in the wagon easy with the Cruiser Nap System mattress pad, which is also infant-compatible.

There are accessories for your convenience, too! A Cruiser Travel Bag protects your  stroller wagon and makes transporting it a breeze. You can pick up extra cupholders and an attachable storage basket so you can take all your essentials with you. Finish the look with a tote bag, and your family will be trekking in style!

Veer Base Camp

Designed to give kids a safe and shady play area, the Veer Base Camp will be essential for your adventures! It works in sand or grass, has a moisture-resistant bottom, and water-resistant, breathable mesh sides so your little ones can play in all sorts of weather. It also protects against insects and comes with a removable UPF 50+ Sun/Rain Cover!

This tent-shaped playard requires no assembly and folds to be super compact. The Base Camp comes with a travel bag with a shoulder strap for easy carrying that can also be attached to the Cruise Wagon. Traveling with the Base Camp is effortless!

Veer Base Camp Accessories

Elevate your base camp experience with an array of innovative accessories from Veer. Consider the Sand Mat, a specialized addition designed to perfectly fit the floor of your Base Camp. This ingenious accessory is crafted with a unique and robust fiber construction, serving as an effective sand filter. Keep the sand at the beach where it belongs, ensuring a cleaner and more comfortable environment.

To enhance your comfort, you can also opt for the Veer Air Pad, the ultimate ground cushion that transforms uneven terrain into a cozy relaxation spot. Its premium design ensures that you can enjoy a more comfortable time outdoors.

For a complete and snug setup, explore Veer's range of Adult and Children-sized adventure blankets. These blankets are the perfect companions for chilly evenings and outdoor excursions, providing warmth and style to your outdoor adventures. Whether you're on a family outing or a solo escapade, these blankets offer both practicality and comfort to enhance your base camp experience.

Get adventuring today!