Toddler with Bunnies by the Bay Stuffies

Bunnies By The Bay

Your little one might have lots of stuffies, but none can compare to Bunnies By The Bay! These precious, cuddly creatures are sure to offer comfort and joy to any child. Bunnies By The Bay is committed to creating safe, sustainable products for little ones; all of its products are rigorously tested to exceed safety standards, so you can trust that you’re giving your child the best of the best. These heartwarming critters are made with the softest materials and have the sweetest features that will make them the favorite of the entire stuffie pile.

Bunnies By The Bay was founded in 1986 after a tragedy on Fidalgo Island in the Pacific Northwest. The loss of fourteen community members sparked a coming-together of the small town. Two children of a fallen sailor heard comforting stories from their grandmother about bunnies living in her garden. After these stories became their safe place, the sisters started sewing their own cloth characters and creating a magical world of their own. Today, Bunnies By The Bay remains a well-known and respected children’s brand with products all over the world. 

Explore the most coveted products from Bunnies By The Bay, including:

  • Stuffed bunnies
  • Lovies
  • Stuffed farm animals

Wee Rutabaga Bunny

This tiny, sweet Wee Rutabaga Bunny is the perfect friend for little hands to hold. With its ultra-soft, cuddly fur, kind eyes, and rosy cheeks, this little stuffie is ready to be your child’s new best pal. Wee Rutabaga Bunny is only eight inches tall, so it can fit in backpacks, diaper bags, and in the bed with your small children. Wee Rutabaga Bunny is ready for lots of love and all the cuddles your little one has to offer.

Kiddo Lamb Knotty Friend

This cutie is a great take on the traditional lovie. Kiddo Lamb has a few different features, like smooth fabric and a soft head for cuddles. Kiddo Lamb also has unique, soft-knotted arms and legs, perfect for teething little ones and babies learning to explore with their senses. With its variety of textures, Kiddo Lamb Knotty Friend is sure to be a hit with even the smallest babies.

Start your little one’s stuffed animal collection with Bunnies By The Bay and watch them light up as they discover their new best friend.