Set of EKOBO Eco-Friendly Kids' Mealtime Essentials


If you’re looking for kids’ mealtime essentials that are fun and eco-friendly, Ekobo is the brand for you! Ekobo offers a range of feeding products that are designed to make mealtime a breeze while staying friendly to the environment. These shatterproof, dishwasher-safe products are suitable for hot and cold foods and liquids, so they are the only products you need! Uncomplicate mealtime with the sleek, adorable kids feeding products from Ekobo.

Ekobo was launched in 2003 by a couple with a young baby. As their daughter grew, they quickly realized there was a need for better mealtime essentials for little ones. Ekobo’s signature bamboo eco-composite was finalized in 2010, and the company never looked back! Ekobo uses ultra-safe, food-grade materials for all its products, which come in a fun range of colors and patterns sure to please any little food connoisseur!

Discover the most exciting kids’ mealtime essentials from Ekobo, including:  

  • Silicone training cups
  • Baby utensils
  • Kid bowls and plates 

Ekobo Bowls and Plates

Ekobo prides itself on making bowls and plates for little ones that are just as beautiful and fun as they are functional! These silicone bowls and plates are outfitted with suction cups on the bottom, so they will survive even the most enthusiastic eaters! The plates and bowls feature wide designs that are perfect for anything from cereal to vegetables to purees. Made from bamboo fiber and non-toxic pigments, these bowls are the perfect choice for parents who want simple and stylish dinnerware for their kids.

Ekobo Silicone Training Cups

Ekobo’s silicone training cups are the perfect transition from bottle to open cup. These training cups are made with little hands in mind, so they are easy to grasp and hold, even for early learners! Ekobo’s training cups will catch your little one’s eye with their cheerful colors, making mealtime more exciting. The non-slip grip and dishwasher-safe designs help parents make mealtime quick, easy, and as mess-free as possible.

Make mealtime fun and functional with children’s eating essentials from Ekobo!