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Introducing one of the most powerful, revolutionary baby brands: BOB Gear. BOB Gear takes ordinary baby products and makes them extraordinary, adding tons of convenience and safety features sure to please any parent. You and your little explorer can navigate any journey, from a stroll around the neighborhood to a rugged nature walk. The robust construction of BOB Gear products makes choosing this stroller brand an easy choice. 

BOB Gear has been producing functional, award-winning products for nearly 20 years. The brand was started by two unlikely culprits – an airline pilot and a bicycle enthusiast. The two began designing things like bike trailers for the masses, but upon starting their own families, they realized there were major issues with strollers for parents who wanted to remain active. Thus, the two set out to design a rugged stroller that could handle anything. Through years of production and development, BOB Gear is the brand we know and love today.

Check out the most innovative, sought-after products from BOB Gear, including:

  • Single strollers
  • Double strollers
  • Travel systems
  • Wagons 

BOB Gear Travel Systems

BOB Gear takes the functionality of its strollers and combines them with the convenience of a travel system. With this travel system, you can go from car rides to trail adventures in no time without ever waking your child. BOB Gear travel systems are unique in that they are also compatible with many different car seat brands, ensuring you get to pick your favorite seat and don’t have to compromise on your BOB Gear stroller. The BOB Gear travel system embraces safety as its guiding principle, featuring a steel reinforced base designed to withstand high impact. With BOB Gear Travel Systems, you can keep up your active lifestyle while keeping your baby safe, secure, and comfortable.

BOB Gear Wagons

BOB Gear takes children’s wagons to a whole new level with their Renegade Wagon. BOB Gear wagons feature sturdy, robust construction with a durable steel frame to ensure safety, stability, and longevity. The all-terrain wheels are built to withstand anything from rough terrain to daily sidewalk use, so it’s ideal for every outdoor adventure for your family. From the beach to the hiking trail, BOB Gear wagons are the perfect addition to your family’s travels. 

Take your family’s active lifestyle to the next level with great products from BOB Gear!