Wonderfold Wagon

Wonderfold Wagon

Say hello to the ultimate parenting solution for all your on-the-go needs: WonderFold Stroller Wagons! These stroller wagons perfectly mix classic, beautiful design and cutting-edge innovation. They’re made to be sturdy, stylish, and incredibly versatile. Whether you’re cruising around the block for a midday stroll or heading to the beach to catch some waves, a wagon stroller is the perfect travel companion.

WonderFold has always designed their products with parents’ needs in mind. Their original wagon was only meant to transport supplies, but when parents started using it for their children, WonderFold listened. They listened to parents’ needs and created the stroller wagons, blending the utility and convenience of a wagon with the safety of a stroller.

Ever since WonderFold has taken customer feedback seriously. The five-point harness, adjustable handlebar, and adjustable canopy are all features that they integrated after hearing from real parents who used their products. 

Not only are they dedicated to their customers–they’re also dedicated to the community! WonderFold donates wagons to nonprofits and families in need, and you can even nominate someone to receive a wagon through their website. 

Shop our wide selection of WonderFold stroller wagons! With a range of features, price points, and accessories, you’re sure to find just what you need from WonderFold.

Explore the best stroller wagons from WonderFold, including:

  • W1 Stroller Wagon Original
  • W2 Stroller Wagon Elite 
  • W2 Stroller Wagon Luxe
  • X2M Stroller Wagon with Magnetic Buckles
  • W4 Stroller Wagon Elite
  • W4 Stroller Wagon Luxe
  • VW4 Volkswagen Stroller Wagon

W1 Original

This original WonderFold push wagon has all the beloved signature features, including removable fabric and a slidable sun canopy. For safety, this wagon has five-point harnesses and asafety lock for stationary use. This is also the most lightweight option, weighing 33 lbs. It fits two little ones with a weight limit of 180 lbs.

W2 Elite

As an upgrade to the W1 Original, the W2 Elite  & Luxe models bring upgraded and new features. The Elite model boasts extra storage space, removable, reclinable raised seats, and foot brakes. This push wagon also has a higher weight limit of 200 lbs and weighs 47 lbs.

W2 Luxe

The  W2 Luxe continues to improve upon the W2 Elite. For style, this wagon has vegan leather handlebars and customizable pieces. Convenience is also a key feature of this model. It has an adjustable handlebar, canopy, and side mesh ventilation. Magnetic buckles and all-terrain wheels have also been added to this model. The W2 Luze weighs 55 lbs with a 200 lbs weight limit.

X2M with Magnetic Buckles

The WonderFold X2M stroller wagon seats two little ones and improves upon earlier models. For your little ones’ comfort, this wagon has magnetic five-point harnesses and extra padding. It’s also convenient for you–this model can be either pushed or pulled! It has an adjustable handlebar and a lightweight frame, weighing 34 lbs. The X2M can hold up to 150 lbs.

W4 Elite

The WonderFold W4 push wagons keep all the best features of the previous models while expanding to fit up to four little ones! The W4 Elite stroller wagon has adjustable handlebars, reclining seats, and tons of storage. With the purchase of extra accessories, it can even transform into a bench or mini table! This wagon holds up to 300 lbs and weighs 58 lbs.

W4 Luxe

Improving upon the Elite, the W4 Luxe has larger all-terrain wheels, an adjustable handlebar, and a removable canopy and seats. This wagon can hold up to four little ones but also has a single-rider option, with magnetic five-point harnesses for convenience. The W4 Luxe can hold up to 300 lbs and weighs 63 lbs.

VW4 Volkswagen

The VW4 Volkswagen stroller wagon is the ultimate stroller wagon offered by WonderFold. Both stylish and innovative, this wagon offers all the features WonderFold is known for while offering even more. This wagon has functioning headlights, reclining, raised, removable seats, and all-terrain wheels with suspension and bearings.

This retro-inspired wagon fits up to four little ones with a weight limit of 300 lbs. It weighs 65 lbs.

Elevate your stroller wagon with WonderFold accessories:

  • 2-in-1 UV Light Sterilizing & Cooler Bag
  • All Weather Floormat
  • Cold Weather Shield Warm Cover
  • Wind Cover
  • Premium PU Seat With Footrest
  • Retractable Stroller Canopy
  • Travel Cover
  • WonderNet Cargo Mesh Net Bag
  • Solar Wireless Charger Power Bank with LED Lights and Phone Holder