Mom Holding Swaddled Baby


During your little one’s first few months of life, swaddle blankets are an essential tool for parents. Swaddle blankets provide the warmth, comfort, and security newborns need. When you snuggle your baby in any one of our premium baby swaddling blankets, you’ll help them drift off to sleep faster and sleep more soundly.

Wrapping your newborn securely in a swaddle helps prevent sudden movements that may wake or startle them. A snug swaddle can also keep them safe from maneuvering into dangerous positions. While swaddles help keep them warm and safe, it’s still imperative to follow proper safety guidelines while using a swaddle blanket.

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While your baby is wrapped in a swaddle blanket:

  • Lay your baby on their back, not on their stomach or side.
  • Ensure your baby’s crib is free of excess toys, blankets, and additional items that could pose a threat by accidentally covering your baby’s face.
  • Check on your little one during extended sleep periods to ensure they haven’t rolled over.
  • Once your baby has learned to roll over, discontinue the use of swaddling blankets.
  • As always, consult with your baby’s doctor regarding the best swaddling and sleeping practices for your baby.

Hazel & Fawn offers an extensive collection of premium swaddle blankets, including Mushie, Mebie Baby, Clementine Kids, and other loved brands. Made from high-quality materials and thoroughly tested for safety, parents will have peace of mind knowing their baby is snuggled up in only the softest fabrics on the market. When it comes to buying the ideal baby swaddle for your family, you can trust our selection is made from non-toxic materials for your little one’s safety.

Choose from an array of colors, patterns, and styles, knowing all of our swaddle blankets meet or exceed industry standards. Your baby will be wrapped snuggly in the highest quality materials when you buy from one of our incredibly soft organic swaddle blanket lines. Select from swaddles ideal for cuddling, even on warm days, or heavier swaddle blankets for those cold winter nights. Tested for safety, quality, and durability, our swaddles are loved and trusted by parents.

We invite you to come in and experience our premium swaddles. With a beautiful swaddle blanket from Hazel & Fawn, your little one will be cozy and ready for naptime or nighttime.