Woman Putting Bag on Doona Infant Car Seat & Stroller Travel System


Enjoy innovative baby gear that combines form, function, and modern style to exceed all your needs as a growing family with Doona. From cutting-edge stroller designs to travel bags for your essentials, there’s nothing Doona hasn’t thought of to make your life on the go with baby safe, simple, and stylish.

With every thoughtful design, Doona puts your baby’s safety first. Striving to exceed safety standards, the household name remains a powerful force in the industry with a consistent 5-star rating. Created and tested in its very own in-house safety testing facility, Doona ensures the highest quality materials, performance, and durability over time so that parents can transport their little ones in a brand they trust.

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Enjoy a variety of Doona products, including:

  • Infant Car Seats with Stoller Base
  • Travel Bags
  • Everyday Bags
  • Stoller Accessories

The Doona Car Seat and Stroller with Base is a parent’s dream come true! The first of its kind, this innovative stroller and car seat in one offers a fully integrated infant travel system that allows you to swiftly transition from car rides to stroller in record time. Enjoy the same enhanced safety features of an Infant Seat with the benefits of an easy-to-store portable stroller base. Sleek, lightweight, and built to last, this infant car seat and stroller combo offers convenience, luxury, and security in one.  

Find accessories perfect for families on the go, from protective rain coverings for your little one’s stroll to the handy Snap-On Storage unit for all your outing’s necessities. This lets parents spend more time enjoying what’s important. Whether you’re traveling or running errands, Doona also offers a modern twist on the diaper bag that covers all your bases and styles to suit your taste.

When your family is ready for the next step, embark on unforgettable journeys with your little one with the Doona Liki Tricycle collection. Crafted with innovation and care, these tricycles are designed to accompany your child from their early explorations to their adventurous outings. Engineered for both practicality and style, the Liki Tricycle range boasts a fusion of functionality, safety, and comfort. Unlock endless possibilities and create lasting memories with the Doona Trike.

Shop our selection of stylish Doona essentials with safety, durability, and comfort at the forefront of every product design.