Orange Cloth Diaper Cover on Toddler Girl

Training Pants

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Help keep your toddler comfortable, dry, and feeling like a big kid with Hazel & Fawn’s colorful, curated selection of training pants. When your little one is ready to transition to training pants, choose the easy-to-use cloth trainers from GroVia. Blending style, comfort, and health, your toddler will love stepping into and out of their stylish training pants as they begin to gain more independence. 

Designed to help your toddler with optimal potty training, the comfortable fit is ideal for little hands to pull on and off. Allow your child to select their favorite shades while mixing and matching to personalize their training pants. Your toddler will feel so grown up that transitioning from diapers to underwear will be easier than ever. 

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Experience the benefits of high-quality training pants, including:

  • GroCool inner layer
  • Extra absorbent
  • Waterproof shell
  • Unique pull-up design
  • Side-Flex panels 

Innovative Design

Offering the same innovative design as cloth diaper shells, these reliable training pants are made for your toddler to take control and explore their independence. With easy-to-use interchangeable Side-Flex panels, your child can have fun customizing the look of their big-kid training pants. These unique cloth training pants will keep them stylish as they power through the potty-training process. 

Transitioning Benefits of GroVia’s Training Pants

GroVia Training Pants are created with your child’s ages and stages in mind. The clever design will help your child transition through potty training with materials that feel just like toddler underwear. The GroCool inner layer allows your toddler to feel when they’re wet yet remains super absorbent with its hemp/cloth blend pocket. They’ll learn to be soil-free in no time with their new GroVia training pants. The flexible design of this one-of-a-kind cloth trainer will help your little one stay drier, healthier, and happier. 

Help your toddler transition with the innovative design of reliable training pants.