mom feeding baby in a stokke clikk highchair


Stokke Clikk high chairs accessories cushion in grey sprinkle


from $39.00

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EZPZ Silicone Tiny Cup Infant Toddler Dining Ware training dark grey



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EZPZ 100% Silicone Happy Bowl for Children blue



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EZPZ Best toddler plates with suction



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EZPZ Silicone Mini Bowl All-in-One Placemat and Bowl for Baby pewter light grey



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EZPZ 100% Silicone Mini Mat Placemat for Children lime green



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Stokke Tripp Trapp best high chairs 2023 Cushion in Nordic Blue


from $48.75

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We pride ourselves on offering a collection of durable, eco-friendly, and non-toxic baby feeding tools. Our curation is hand-picked for safety and durability. You won’t see any BPA, phthalates, or plastics here!

Whatever you’re looking for, we have it, whether it’s food-grade silicone utensils or a sturdy, solid wood Tripp Trapp high chair! We’ve gathered the best feeding products from top-rated children’s brands. Stock up on snack cups, test out different bottle nipple shapes, and introduce your baby to solids with innovative first-feeding tools.

Highlights from our Feeding Collection

1. Non-toxic, Eco-friendly Materials

Everything we’ve chosen is free from BPAs, phthalates, and plastics. You’ll find food-grade silicone utensils, plates, and bowls. All of our bibs are made of organic fabrics like cotton or bamboo. 

2. Innovative Designs

Each piece in our collection features innovative, useful design choices. The utensils and cups are designed for little hands, suction mats and bowls keep mess to a minimum, and snack cups let your little ones munch without spills. 

3. Stylish Looks

Who said useful baby gear couldn’t be cute, too? You can pick from a variety of gorgeous colors and whimsical patterns in our feeding collection. Mix and match pieces for a fun and engaging lineup of feeding tools.

4. Variety!

We carry any essentials you’re looking for! Babies are all different, and what works for one may not work for another. Maybe your oldest loved straw cups, but your youngest only likes sippy cups. 

You’ll find anything you need to support your child’s health and growth, including:

  • Suction mats and bowls
  • Silicone plates, bowls, and placemats
  • Silicone utensils
  • Bottles and various nipple shapes
  • Fruit feeder teethers
  • Training cups, straw cups, and sippy cups
  • Snack cups
  • Silicone, muslin, or cotton bibs
  • Muslin burp clothes
  • Food storage
  • Food prep trays
  • Tripp Trapp High Chairs
  • Lunchboxes

Our Top Brands

1. Mushie

Mushie specializes in durable, food-grade silicone feeding tools and muslin cloths. You can mix and match from their entire collection, with basics like bowls and utensils to specialized items like food freezer trays and fruit feeder teethers. 

Their unique silicone bibs also make feeding solids more mess-free than ever! They’re easier to clean than traditional cloth bibs and have a pocket on the bottom to catch fallen food. 


EZPZ also specializes in food-grade silicone. Their utensils, plates, and bowls can be purchased separately or as convenient sets. They’re made perfect for little hands, are easy to clean, and come in pleasing solid colors.

3. Stokke Tripp Trapp High Chairs

Tripp Trapps are the ultimate high chairs! These models are compatible from birth through toddlerhood with the appropriate attachments. Adjust the height and swap out accessories anytime you want. They’re made of solid wood, so they’re durable enough to last as long as your child needs.