Baby Quoddle takes the guesswork out of infant feeding with their simple, effective baby bottles. Made of all-natural materials and containing no plastic whatsoever, the brand is consistently dedicated to providing safe, organic products for babies around the world. Baby Quoddle bottles are designed with natural rubber nipples and hand-blown glass – and that’s it. 

Baby Quoddle was started in Queensland, Australia, by a mother who was disheartened by the bottle-feeding options available when her son was born. She set out on a journey to make all-natural baby bottles available to parents everywhere. Baby Quoddle believes that there shouldn’t be negative connotations or stigmas around bottle feeding and that bottle-feeding parents’ concerns should be addressed. Thus, Baby Quoddle was born, providing high-quality, natural products for little ones.

Discover the most popular, innovative products from Baby Quoddle, including:

  • The Mini Bottle
  • The Abel Bottle

The Mini Bottle from Baby Quoddle

This small, 150mL mini bottle is the perfect way to give your baby a healthy start. Baby Quoddle prioritizes the health and wellness of babies by providing all-natural products made of just glass and rubber. The mini bottle features an extra-slow-flow nipple for little ones who are still adjusting. With delicate crafting and hand-blown glass, these mini bottles are perfect for new and veteran parents alike. 

The Abel Series Bottle from Baby Quoddle

Designed with parents and babies in mind, this original Abel Series baby bottle makes an excellent gift for a baby shower or for new parents. The Abel Series is aptly named after the son of Baby Quoddle’s founder, so it’s designed by a parent for parents. This 10oz baby bottle has a medium-flow nipple and is ideal for little ones over three months old. Parents everywhere can have peace of mind knowing they are providing their baby with all-natural materials and healthy products.

Experience true feeding luxury with all-natural Baby Quoddle glass bottles!