Baby Wagons vs. Strollers: The Best Baby Transportation

Parenting is full of choices. Every day, parents are inundated with decisions about what to feed their child, how to clothe them, and what’s best for them in every sense of the phrase. It can be exhausting! Decision fatigue is real, and we’re here to help!

There seem to be thousands of baby products out there that all have various purposes. Transportation systems are some of the most confusing! Tons of baby strollers, baby wagons, and different carriers are available.

Fortunately, Hazel & Fawn has done all the hard work for you, looking at the different brands and benefits of each type of baby transportation. Rest assured that we have done the research just like you would because we care about your family.

Staying Active as a Parent

BabyBjorn Ergonomic Baby Carrier

It’s very important to remain active as a parent. If nothing else, you need to be able to keep up with those little ones! When babies are still little, they are surprisingly portable. They don’t try to run away and are perfectly content being snuggled up with mom or dad.

From birth, we love baby carriers for parents who want to stay active while bringing their baby along for the ride. Something like this BabyBjorn Ergonomic Baby Carrier is perfect for light activity with your baby. However, you will definitely need a baby stroller or baby wagon to keep up with the flow of things once they grow!

Babywearing Safety Guidelines

For the BabyBjorn brand, other baby carriers, and even wraps, there are some safety guidelines to follow. Baby’s head must be close enough to kiss, and their legs should be in an “m” or “frog” position, meaning their bum is supported and their hips are at a natural sitting angle. Finally, their head should be upright and their face uncovered. 

Benefits of a Baby Stroller

Baby strollers are essential for new and veteran parents alike. When babies are small, they need structure to support their bodies and keep them safely in position. As they grow, they may need other products for transportation.

Some parents prefer travel systems – an all-in-one system to transition your baby from a car seat to a stroller without disturbing them. UPPAbaby is a popular brand that has great options - our favorite is the UPPAbaby VISTA V2 System

Why the UPPAbaby Travel System?

UPPAbaby VISTA V2 System

UPPAbaby offers stylish and safe options for travel systems and baby strollers. UPPAbaby travel systems can grow with your child and family, lasting a long time and giving you the best bang for your buck. Among many other things, the UPPAbaby system boasts the following features that we think you’ll love:

  • One-hand folding system
  • Telescoping handlebars to accommodate all parent heights
  • Extra-large storage basket

All these UPPAbaby features create a system that is stylish, straightforward, easy to maneuver, and safe for your child. Your UPPAbaby products will last you well into childhood and can be used for future babies, too!

Other Baby Stroller Options

If travel systems aren’t for you, a regular baby stroller does the job just as well! This Cybex Beezy Compact Stroller is perfect for parents who are seeking a sleek, simple option. This baby stroller is lightweight and easily stored, making it a great travel accessory! Another favorite from Cybex is the Classic Eezy S Twist 2 Stroller.

Benefits of a Baby Wagon

Veer Cruiser Wagon

Another popular method of transportation is a baby wagon. Baby wagons provide easy transportation, allowing for either the traditional wagon pulling or the option to push it like a stroller while offering a little more flexibility. Veer is the gold standard for baby wagons. Our favorite Veer product is the Veer Cruiser Wagon.

Not only does Veer offer the baby wagon itself, but they have tons of accessories that make traveling a breeze.

3 of the most useful accessories for a new Veer baby wagon owner are:

Veer Retractable Canopy

Veer Cruiser Travel Bag

Veer Foldable Storage Basket

Canopy For Your Cruiser

Veer Retractable Canopy

We have all had that painful parenting moment: we plan a great activity only to have the experience ruined by rain, cold, or too much sunshine. Veer’s canopy attaches easily to the wagon, adding a quick and effective cover for your little one that retracts with ease. They will be safe from the elements and ride in their baby wagon like royalty.

Wagon Travel Bag

For globetrotters, a travel bag is essential. Once you have your wagon, you won’t want to leave home without it! This travel bag allows you to store your cruiser easily in the back of your car, in a closet, or anywhere else you need, as well as making a great bag for packing it up safely for flights.

Extra Storage Space

As it turns out, babies need lots of things. They are often more high-maintenance than parents! This foldable storage bag can carry tons of bottles, diapers, clothes, snacks, toys, and whatever else you need. Skip the diaper bag and stick everything in the wagon - it’s a one-stop shop! 

When Should I Transition to a Baby Wagon?

There are lots of tips that can help you determine if your child is ready to transition to a baby wagon. While there is no hard and fast rule for age, there are things you should look for in your baby that might give hints that they are ready for the transition.

First, if they enter the phase where they crave independence, a wagon is a must! It’s easy to get them in and out quickly and without much fuss. They will have the ability to walk as they please with a safe resting place nearby!

Second, your baby should be able to sit up on their own for long periods of time and have complete head control. This ensures they stay safely upright and their airway does not become restricted or blocked. In general, if your child can travel safely without you looking at them constantly, you can probably use a wagon.

How Can I Ensure My Child is Safe in Their Transportation Device?

Cybex Classic Beige Eezy S Twist 2 Stroller Black Frame Travel System

When using the UPPAbaby, Veer, Cybex, and BabyBjorn products, or any other baby brands, read all directions and check for expiration dates, if applicable. All of these baby strollers and baby wagon systems are very safe when used correctly.

As always, follow all manufacturer recommendations for your UPPAbaby baby stroller or Veer baby wagon. It’s important to know weight limits and guidelines to ensure you transition your baby gear at the appropriate time.

No matter how you decide to transport your baby, all the products linked above provide style, comfort, and safety for you and your precious family.

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