Jellycat Bugs

Jellycat Bugs

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Jellycat bugs are ready to flutter, skitter, and wriggle their way into your little one’s toybox! If you have a young insect lover, these insect and arachnid pals will make a great best friend for your child. Whether you’re looking for a goofy escargot with a little red scarf or a realistic pal like Penny the Praying Mantis, there’s a stuffed bug for everyone in this collection!

Choose from our selection of Jellycat bugs, including:

  • Wriggidigs
  • Niggly Wigglies
  • Butterflies
  • And more!

Jellycat Wriggidig Bugs

These classic insect companions are sure to steal your heart! Characterized by super soft fabrics, squishy bodies, and smiling faces, your little one will adore their new tiny friend. If your little one loves going outside and hunting for bugs, then they’ll love a Wriggidig caterpillar, ant, or generic bug!

Jellycat Niggly Wiggly Bugs

For a kiddo who’s super into learning about all kinds of bugs, this collection is for them! Ernie Earwig and Woody Woodlouse are unique critters that are hard to find elsewhere. They can be a great learning tool to teach your little one about unique bugs!

Jellycat  Butterflies

Butterflies are great options for kiddos who might not be as bug-crazy. These approachable, cute critters come in gorgeous colors with big wings and super-soft materials. The blue Bluebell, yellow Buttercup, or pink Beatrice Butterfly are ready to come home with you!

More Options!

There are so many more bugs to choose from! Sandy Snail and Bashful Bee are cute with friendly faces and vibrant colors. Want to encourage your little one not to be afraid of typical creepy crawlies? Winston Worm and Simon Scorpion have goofy expressions and fun designs. With Jellycat, the possibilities are endless!