Jellycat Monkey

Jellycat Monkey

The Jellycat Monkey collection offers a wide range of adorable and cuddly plush toys that make perfect gifts for birthdays, baby showers, or any other special occasion! These fluffy monkey pals come in a variety of sizes, so your little one can carry around a little furry friend or snuggle up to their big stuffie at night! The soft, plush fur is gentle on delicate skin and provides a comforting touch. Jellycat stuffed animals are also easy to clean and durable, so they’re perfect for the little explorer in your life.

Created in London in the late 1990s, Jellycat is a perfect representation of imagination and creative play. Its designers and toymakers are constantly striving to create unique, fun, and super cuddly stuffed animals for kids of all ages. Jellycat stuffed animals are tough and durable, so they will last your family a lifetime. With a creative history and exciting vision, Jellycat stuffed animals continue to please families around the world.

Experience the most sought-after products from the Jellycat Monkey collection:

  • Oswald Orangutan
  • Madison Monkey
  • Bashful Monkey
  • Monkey soothers

Jellycat Oswald Orangutan

Mr. Oswald Orangutan is the perfect blend of personality and comfort. With his super fluffy orange and brown fur, this Jellycat stuffed animal is the perfect cuddly companion for any kid. Stuffed animals can be quite educational while still offering comfort and calming your little one. Oswald Orangutan can help children learn all about the jungle and its inhabitants, too! Consider gifting the little zoologist in your life with Oswald and a great book about orangutans to accompany him; they’re sure to be a hit!

Jellycat Monkey Soothers

Having a lovie for your little one brings comfort and solace, especially in tough or scary situations. Soothers, or lovies, are simply a type of stuffie or toy with a super-soft blanket attached, giving your child the sensory input they need to regulate emotions. Jellycat monkey soothers are the perfect blend of loving and cheeky. They feature soft, soothing material on the blanket portion that your child can cuddle until the end of time. Bashful Monkey makes an appearance on this soother, too, providing a friendly face for your child in a difficult situation.

Give your child a little bit of jungle magic with a soft, comforting Jellycat monkey stuffed animal!