Jellycat Frogs

Jellycat Frogs

Hop into a world of whimsy with Jellycat Frogs! These hopping friends are sure to leap into your heart. These frogs, and their other amphibian and reptilian friends, are ready to be part of your little one’s imaginative play!

Since 1999, Jellycat has produced some of the softest, highest-quality stuffed animals around. With durable materials and quirky, unique designs, these plush animals are designed to be forever friends. They’ll last through your greatest adventures and are sure to steal your heart.

Choose from our selection of Jellycat Frogs (and more!), including:

  • Frogs
  • Chameleons, Lizards, and Geckos
  • Turtles
  • Snakes
  • Axolotls

Jellycat Frogs 

These green friends will make a great, silly addition to your little one’s toybox! The Jellycat Ricky Rain Frog is super round with a goofy face and is sure to get giggles from your little one. The Forest Fauna Frog comes with a mushroom house of his own, great for imaginative play set in forests! For something a little more Whimsical, look for Fransico Frog with his striped shirt or Crowning Croaker with their little gold crowns.

Jellycat Chameleons, Lizards, and Geckos 

Besides frogs, Jellycat has more scaly friends to pick from! Colin Chameleon and Frankie the frilled-neck lizard have big eyes, curly tails, and bright colors! Gunner Gecko, Cruz the Crested Newt, Syd Salamander, and Gorka Gecko all come in vibrant colors with unique features like a fuzzy crest, spots, and different textures!

Jellycat Turtles 

Jellycat Turtles are great for shy kiddos! The Tumbletuft Turtle has a friendly face, is super plush, and has an adorable shell.

Jellycat Snakes 

Jellycat’s Stevie Snake will s-s-slither his way into your heart! He has a silly red tongue and scale pattern in his soft fabric to give him a truly unique personality.

Jellycat Axolotls

Jellycat’s Andie Axolotl and Alice Axolotl have fluffy gills and tails, big feet, and a huge smile! These silly amphibians will bring a smile to your little one’s face and be delightful play pals.