Jellycat Dog

Jellycat Dog

Woof woof! It’s Jellycat Dogs! These cute canines are waiting for you to adopt them. With super soft fur, floppy ears, and irresistible puppy eyes, you’ll fall in love with these stuffed dogs. There’s a reason dogs are called Man’s Best Friend, and they’re ready to be your little one’s forever friend!

Founded in 1999, this brand has prided itself on creating quirky stuffed animal designs with the highest-quality materials and craftsmanship. The UK-based company has stolen hearts worldwide with its reputation for its unique designs and durability. These stuffed animals are made to be lifelong companions for you and your little ones.

Choose from our selection of Jellycat Dogs, including:

  • Bashful Puppy
  • Sausage Dogs
  • Wolves
  • Classic Dogs

Jellycat Bashful Puppy

The bashful collection is a cult classic, and for good reason! These plush dogs have a shy expression, squishy bodies, and floppy ears. The classic Bashful Puppy is white with black spots and comes in three sizes or as a soother or rattle. The Bashful Fudge Puppy is brown and white and also comes in three sizes or as a soother. 

Jellycat Sausage Dogs

With stubby little legs and a long body, weiner dogs are a fan favorite! Otto and Freddie Sausage Dog are classics with either brown or black fur. The Sweater Sausage Dogs and Winter Warmer Otto are ready to tackle the cold this holiday season! For a unique flair, the Beatnik Buddy Sausage Dog has a cute striped sweater and a scarf.


For a howlin’ good time, look no further than these stuffed wolves! The Bashful Wolf and Woodruff Wolf have grey and white fur, pointy ears, and big, bushy tails. Wilf Wolf is all grey and the fluffiest of all of them, with cute, tiny teeth! 

Classic Dogs

There’s no limit to these plush puppies! From the Jellycat Amore Dog with a chubby body and sleepy eyes to the black and white Dashing Dog, there’s a puppy for everyone! You could get a cute miniature version of your family’s pet with the Cooper Doodle Dog or Scottie Dog, or get your little one a unique playtime pal with the Huggady Dog. The possibilities are endless with these adorable stuffed puppies!