Happy Valentine's Day from Jellycat

Love is in the air at Hazel & Fawn. We have all fallen hard for Jellycat stuffed animals. We have so many new stuffies to choose from this Valentine’s Day. New sizes of old favorites, new animals, and new color variations too. It’s no wonder that Jellycat is one of the most celebrated stuffed animal curators of our time. They seem to capture exactly what we want and need in our stuffed animal friends.

Jellycat Love-Me Lobster

Say hello to this cute crustacean, Love-Me Lobster! This little fella comes in a pretty deep red color with little hearts replacing those pesky pinchers. As Love-Me Lobster scuttles across the ocean floor, he spreads love and kindness to all of his ocean life pals. He’s quite the catch.

Jellycat Amuseable Hearts

Bringing back a tried and true favorite, Amuseable Heart; but this time, in a brand new size.  Nothing says Valentine's Day like a giant red or pink heart! New to Jellycat are Amuseable Heart Large in red and pink. Not to worry though, those sweet little regular Amuseable Hearts are still available. Send a letter to your love with your “heart” attached. Loved ones can sometimes be far away. What a great way to send a little extra love this Valentine’s Day with Jellycat.

 Jellycat Bashful Luxe Bunnies

While most of us are familiar with Jellycat’s Bashful Bunnies, we here at Hazel & Fawn are excited to share with you an exciting new line from Jellycat. Bashful Luxe Bunnies. These deliciously designed bunnies are a step-up from the traditional rabbits we’ve come to love and adore. Welcoming Bashful Willow Bunny and Bashful Rosa Bunny, both available in sizes medium and huge. What makes these bunnies different you might ask? The Bashful Luxe Bunnies are softer than ever before, the softest they have ever been in fact. In addition to this new feature, the Bashful Luxe Bunnies also boast a delicate shimmer added to the nose and a luxurious fluffy tail. Spend time with Rosa, a stunning soft mauve bunny; or Willow, dressed in the palest pink. Whichever you choose, these new Bashful's are a stuffed animal you will cherish for years to come.

 Jellycat Lovebirds

Have you seen A Pair of Lovely Lovebirds? These two tweets are sugary sweet and just as fun! Attached at the hip as all love birds tend to be, this set of stuffed animal birds from Jellycat are perfect for those love birds in your life. Vivid and colorful, these tiny tropical birds are wonderful desk buddies and play pals alike. No “love birds” in your life right now? No problem! Utilize these colorful parrots as teaching tools for your littles. Learning about all the wonderful wildlife native to the continent of Africa can be a blast, but sometimes a little intimidating. Why not start with something small like the Lovebird?

 Jellycat Jinx Monster

While Cosmo may be the new monster in town, we can’t help but think of Jinx Monster this time of year. It must be her shocking pink mane and goofy grin! Pink and red do tend to be the dominate colors of Valentine’s Day after all. Besides, Jinx Monster is just so fun! She tells the best jokes and pulls the best pranks. This little trickster is a fun-loving addition to your child’s stuffed animal collection.

 Jellycat Fou Fou's

Add a little pizazz into your Valentine’s Day this year with Jellycat’s Fou Fou’s. We have Fou Fou Ostrich and Fou Fou Peacock joining us at Hazel & Fawn. Two silly birds with lots of life. Fou Fou Ostrich is pretty in pink, while Fou Fou Peacock is a bodacious blue. Long foofy feathers and an endearing pouf on top of the head, these two show stoppers are a great option for a semi non-traditional stuffed animal choice for your loved one this Valentine’s Day.

 Jellycat Blossom Heart Bunnies

Looking for a Valentine’s Day pal with just a touch of springtime sprinkled in? Why not check out the Blossoms Heart Bunnies? Available in both Blush and Tulip, these delightful bunnies each carry a little love heart with them wherever they go. Blossoms Heart Blush Bunny is a soft pink rabbit paired with a light blue floral heart that matches the insides of bunny’s ears. Blossom Heart Tulip Bunny is a pale violet purple with a corresponding floral heart and matching ears. These delicate sweet bunnies are a great choice for those in your life that savor springtimes and flowers.

Jellycat Huddles Sheep 

Nothing says Valentine’s Day like spending some quality time with your loved ones. Jellycat has made the perfect stuffed animals to showcase this very love language. The Huddles collection. Soft squishy animals with their matching babies. Wrapped in a warm embrace, these gentle and sweet stuffies are perfect for those parent-child duos. Available in Elephant, Duck, Bunny, Panda, and the newest addition, Sheep, there’s a cuddly bonded pair for anyone.

 Jellycat Pandora Pixie

Are you looking for more of a unique stuffed animal? Say no more. Jellycat has released a brand new quirky critter, Pandora Pixie! This neon pink creature is the best bud for those imaginative kiddos in your life. Made to keep Grizzo Gremlin company, this mischievous little plushie gets into all kinds of antics. Pranks, games, and jokes are Pandora Pixie’s forte! What shenanigans will your little get up to with their lovely partner in crime?

 Jellycat Hardcover Books

Wrapping up our Valentine’s Day Jellycat ideas for you are some of our personal favorites, the books from Jellycat. Did you know that Jellycat releases books? Wonderful stories featuring some of our favourite stuffed animal characters. What a thoughtful and loving gift for your child on Valentine’s Day. Why not pick up one of these lovelies; A Tale of Two Friends or A Monster Called Pip?


We hope you and your loved ones have a wonderful, Jellycat filled Valentine’s Day from all of us here at Hazel & Fawn.

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