Why Wooden Baby Toys Should be in Your Toy Box

The toy aisle – every parent dreads when their child says, “can we just look?” Toy departments in big stores are larger and more overwhelming than ever. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of toys to choose from, half of which will drive parents crazy with bright lights and repetitive sounds. 

If you’d like a break from your little one’s noisy toys, wooden baby toys are the answer. Wood baby toys are timeless, well-constructed, and promote stimulating play and cognitive development in babies and children. 

Whether you’re shopping for a baby shower gift, a first birthday present, or buying a “just-because” treat, wooden baby toys are sure to be a hit with kids and parents alike!

Why are Wooden Baby Toys Beneficial? 

“Nice to Michu” Wooden Rattle

Wooden baby toys promote imaginative, open-ended play that plastic and battery-operated toys may not. Additionally, wooden baby toys are very durable and stand the test of time.  

Some of the battery-operated toys you may frequently see in stores can have a place in your home, but they may limit your child’s play and not keep their attention for very long. For example, a battery-operated toy that lights up and has fun sounds has one purpose, whereas a wooden baby toy can be used in all sorts of scenarios, improving your child’s imagination

Non-wooden toys often provide quick entertainment and stimulation without the child doing any work. With wooden toys, they exercise their brain to find that same stimulation, which will keep their attention longer and give you a break! 

3 of Our Favorite Wooden Baby Toys 

Wooden Numbers Block Set

The wooden rattle above is the perfect first wooden baby toy. With the small rings and gentle noise, it provides just enough stimulation for baby without overdoing it. A wooden rattle would make an excellent baby shower gift! 

A number block set is a perfect example of a toy that grows with your child. You can start out with basic counting and move all the way up to addition and subtraction! 

The balance board is unique in that it promotes movement, perfect for little ones that need to get their wiggles out! These toys would make excellent gifts for kids ages three and older. 

What is a Montessori Wooden Toy

The Montessori method focuses on learning by doing and direct play rather than instruction. Montessori wooden toys are meant to help the child learn something themselves, whether that’s tying shoes or preparing a meal. Montessori wooden toys mimic real-world objects but allow children to use their imagination to create play. 

Montessori wooden toys are safer for children for several reasons. First, there are no batteries or electric parts. Batteries pose a choking risk for children, so it’s easier not to have them. Additionally, Montessori wooden toys are made with safer materials and do not contain potentially harmful plastic chemicals. 

BAJO Wild Animals Wooden Figure Set

To ensure your Montessori wooden toys are of the best quality, make sure you purchase from a reputable site like Hazel & Fawn. Lower-quality Montessori wooden toys can still contain harmful chemicals, paints, and materials. 

Combining Montessori Baby Toys with Other Learning Opportunities

Montessori baby toys are useful for many reasons, but a major one is that parents can combine them with other learning opportunities and household routines.

Our 3 favorite ways to incorporate Montessori baby toys are: 

  • Reading
  • Music
  • Kitchen and food play

Reading with Montessori Baby Toys

SABO Concept Jungle Mini Rainbow Stacker

It’s incredibly important to read to children from an early age, as it enhances cognitive function, supports imagination, and encourages healthy development. Try using your Montessori baby toys to enhance your bedtime stories. 

For example, if you are reading animal books, get out your wooden animals and as the story progresses, take time to practice animal noises and act out some of the scenes. Or if you are reading about colors, use a Rainbow Stacker to practice identifying and naming colors. 

Enhancing Music with Play

Similarly, music can be enhanced with wooden baby toys. Traditional nursery rhymes can be elevated to learning experiences by combining songs with wooden baby toys. “Wheels on the Bus” will have a new, exciting twist if they have an actual bus to act out the song with! 

Kitchen Wooden Toys

Kitchen wooden toys are by far our favorite way to incorporate wood toys into everyday life. Kitchen wooden toys have many benefits and can provide various learning opportunities. Additionally, kitchen wooden toys grow with your children, making your investment well worth it. 

Kitchen Wooden Toys Encourage Healthy Habits
SABO Concept Mini Fruit Set

One of the many benefits of kitchen wooden toys is that they can promote education about nutrition! Oftentimes, kitchen wooden toys have lots of varieties of fruits and vegetables, making it easy to teach your kids all about nutrient-dense foods. Normalizing fruits and vegetables with play makes kids much more likely to eat them! 

Life Skills with Kitchen Wooden Toys

In true Montessori fashion, kitchen wooden toys help children learn life skills through play. Your little one can follow along while you cook with their own materials! Little ones can practice identifying the shapes and colors of different foods with their kitchen wooden toys, while bigger kids can practice their chopping skills and learn all about how to cook a delicious, nutritious meal. 

Are Wooden Baby Toys Expensive? 

Wooden baby toys can be a little more expensive than cheap plastic toys you might find elsewhere. However, we believe they are well worth the investment! Our wooden toy collection is made from sustainably sourced wood. These toys are better for the environment than plastic toys and will last your family a lifetime! 

Between the newest video game, the latest movie or television characters, and hundreds of different dolls, the toy aisle can be an overwhelming place. Wooden baby toys are a classic favorite. Not only are they beneficial to your child’s development, but their higher quality ensures your children will enjoy them for years to come. 

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