Jellycat Amuseable
Jellycat Amuseable
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Your kids will love the silliness and creativity the Jellycat Amuseable Collection brings to their lives. Filled with friendly, squishy toys to spark their imagination, this collection will inspire your little ones to spend limitless hours playing. From gifts to teaching tools, the Amuseables offer adorable versatility for all kids. Hazel & Fawn is honored to offer your family one of the largest collections of Jellycat stuffies so they can enjoy plush versions of favorite foods, healthy treats, and more.

The inspirational UK-based company has been entertaining families with wholesome fun since 1999. Jellycat’s mission is to provide quirky and unique designs developed by its team’s wildest imaginations. Jellycat is known for combining plush, high-quality fabrics with playful designs that make everyone smile. We believe in its mission to encourage young minds and promote the growth and development of your baby or toddler through silly, imaginative experiences.

Experience the most sought-after products from Jellycat’s Amuseable Collection, including: 

  • Food
  • Plants
  • Weather

Amuseable Food Collection

Fill your child’s toybox with silly inanimate objects designed to make them giggle! Promote growth and educational play each time they explore with their imagination. Each happy-faced inanimate object from the adorably squishy Jellycat Amuseable Collection will fill your home with love and laughter. Introduce unique, imaginative play while encouraging a love for fruits, veggies, and other tasty foods with this fun-filled line of plush toys. We have a feeling these little Amuseables will have you giggling, too!

Amuseable Weather Collection

Jellycat Amuseables take your average stuffed toy to a whole new level. With a soothing color palette and luxurious fabrics, these cuties make the best toys for any playroom, car ride, or in a school or daycare setting. Teach your child about the weather through play as they enjoy rainbows, suns, and puffy clouds. It’s a priceless teaching tool everyone will love!

Collect these cuddly Amuseables and watch your child light up as they play with the unique, soft toys from Jellycat.