Jellycat Amuseable

Jellycat Amuseable

silly stuffed animal moon


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Jellycat Avocado Amuseables


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Medium Rainbow stuffed animal


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Jellycat Stuffed Animals Amuseable Boiled Egg


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jellycat amuseable diamond ring Sold out
jellycat amuseable slice of lime Sold out
Jellycat sun with corduroy feet Sold out


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jellycat amuseable strawberry Sold out
Jellycat Amuseables Potted Bamboo Stuffed Plant Plush Toy - grey pot, brown plush dirt, five green stalks growing with little leaves. Pot os smiling and has little brown cordy-legs and facing the camera Sold out
jellycat amuseable sports basketball Sold out
happy moon cactus by jellycat Sold out
yummy amuseables bowl of oats by jelly cat Sold out


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Your little ones will love the silliness of the Jellycat Amuseables Collection! With friendly faces on everything from food to clouds, this collection will inspire endless play for your little ones. There’s truly something for everyone in this collection.

Since its founding in 1999, Jellycat has made it their mission to design quirky, fun stuffed toys that bring wholesome fun to families. This UK-based company is known for combining high-quality materials and craftsmanship with playful designs.

Stuffed animals encourage imaginative play which supports your child’s cognitive development. You’re sure to find a plushie that sparks your child’s creativity and inspires in this collection!

Choose from our selection of Jellycat Amuseables, including: 

  • Food
  • Plants
  • Weather
  • Sports
  • Holiday and special occasions

Food Collection

Introduce unique, imaginative play and encouraging a love for fruits, veggies, and other tasty foods! This fun line of toys includes sweet treats like the Amuseable Croissant or Amuseable Espresso Cup and healthy foods like stuffed broccoli and plush kale. These friendly foods are perfect for an aspiring chef or a little foodie. 

Plants Collection

For the plant lover in your life, this collection would make a great gift. The plants include stuffed potted plants like a bonsai tree and an orchid! With a smiling face on the pot and beautifully detailed plants, these plush plants make great playtime friends or aesthetic decor!

Sports Collection

If your little one likes sports, they’ll love these stuffed toys! Choose from a plush football, soccer ball, baseball, and more! Your little one can mimic their favorite athletes safely with this soft, stuffed sports collection. For older kids, these soft toys make great decorative pieces alongside their sports merchandise or even their own trophies!

Holidays and Special Occasions

Looking for the perfect gift for any occasion? Jellycat has you covered! You’ll be prepared for any gift-giving occasion that comes your way. Pick up a stuffed candy cane for holiday festivities or a plush wedding cake as a cute memory for a special day.

Weather Collection

The weather collection is full of cute and aesthetic friends waiting to come home with you! Choose from a fluffy Amuseable Cloud or a cheerful Amuseable Sun. There’s even a rainbow, moon, and stars! Your little ones can learn about the weather as they play, or you can use them as cute decorations.

Collect these cuddly pals and watch your child light up as they play with Jellycat’s truly unique soft toys!